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Ellan reads: The Queen of Bohemia

I sometimes fancy myself as a bit of a Bohemian. A 1920s castaway lost in the swirling techno-age sea of texts, tweets and trends that finish as soon as they’ve started. 259 more words

Ellan Reads

Ain't nuthin but a hound dog...

A little teaser from That Voodoo That You Do….

As she pulled in to the drive, she saw a big, black Ford pick-up parked next to Toutu’s truck.

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Spirits 02: Zen Goes "Boo!"

“Laws of nature are human inventions, like ghosts. (The) laws of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts.”~Robert M. Pirsig, Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence…

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Louisiana Superstitions are they true?

A unique part of Louisiana’s heritage and culture are the many superstitions. Yes, like many cultures Louisiana has many superstitions. The roots of these superstitions are sometimes African, Native American, Caribbean, or from the Southern USA in general. 264 more words


Bright Beginnings

Now it just wouldn’t be polite if I didn’t welcome y’all properly and introduce myself. Hi y’all. My name is Lorelei Delille and I am a new fantasy romance author. 89 more words


And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest and I’m having trouble catching my breath


Jessabelle (2014)...I Really Did Wanna Like You But...

Am I the only one who gets the overwhelming urge to play the banjo and speak in a Cajun accent whenever watching a movie shot in the bayou? 885 more words