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The trickster, the tech, and the treachery of images: Part One

Uri Geller and the Enchantment of Technology.

In the early 1970’s television audiences marvelled at the antics of Uri Geller. He could apparently re-activate broken watches; he could reproduce telepathically a drawing that had been made secretly by an entire stranger, and – above all, he could bend spoons, supposedly without physical intervention, for Geller’s major power was said to be… 1,800 more words

Awakening A Nightmare

Voodoo Alice sinks her teeth
into the doll; cutting, chewing,
gnawing, making thin slits
for the eyes. The fabric wavers
round these parts as she inserts… 112 more words


The New Orleans bookfair has a date!

Will be posting more info as it comes but so far, planning on making this a big weekend in The Big Easy!

Lost and found

This most recent pillage of Looking for the Lost Gods of England (I’m not linking you to the Amazon page) by Kathleen Herbert for research purposes has me looking long and hard at Christian tradition and it’s tendency to get wrapped up in other mythologies. 80 more words

Fashion Tile: Voodoo Child

The Fantasy Collective has opened a new round and new theme for bloggers and roleplayers alike. This time we are heading to the bayou of Louisiana and conjuring up some voodoo magic! 147 more words

Second Life

Happy Anniversary

of the day when I first started stalking you!! Do you remember that night when I first followed you home? I sure do. It’s when I first proclaimed my love for you. 26 more words