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Zombie Love !!! ( Let's Dance)


Dance of the Zombies

 By: Bobbie Jones


My dear readers, it is that time of year again – a time when things go bump in the night, and things are not what they seem and even… 652 more words

Jeannie Alexander - Fear

Jeannie Alexander told her first story at Tenx9’s October theme “Fear.” She recounts the story of embracing fear in a New Orleans swamp as she followed the advice of Jedi Master Yoda. 


The Devil's pact: Selling your soul at the crossroads for fame and fortune...

It was voodoo man Earl Marlowe (featured in my Voodoo Spellbook) who first told me about selling your soul to the Devil at the crossroads.The knowledge had been handed down to him by an old conjure doctor in the American South, where Earl lived for a number of years during the 1960s. 1,825 more words


White Zombie (1932)

White Zombie is set on the Caribbean island of Haiti and follows a young couple, Madeline Short and Neil Parker, played by Madge Bellamy ( 532 more words

Halo-Haloween pt. 4: Lead actors Ryan Caltagirone and Kerry Knuppe, Philippine horror film festival, Jessica Soho

From Oct. 17 to Oct. 31 FilAm Creative will be celebrating all things Filipino and horror. Halo-Haloween is hosted and programmed by FilAm director Walter Boholst and his new horror film “Voodoo Possession.” Contributions by Natasia Gascon and Mark Owen. 470 more words

Saw something strange in the jungle today...

Over the last few years I have worked on a mixed media story that involved drawings/music/writing.
I will share some of what I have completed it here and would appreciate any feedback :) 30 more words

Art's N' Stuff

The Voodoo Woman

“Sounds Voodoo” by Lorena Assisi

Voodoo woman
She’s hauntingly speaking her spell
Voodoo woman
With incensed smoke blown by her fan
Calling spirits from where they dwell… 39 more words