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Happy talk about the climate

Happy talk about the climate

(from cluborlov.blogspot.com)

“The non-binding climate deal which the US and China just signed will allow the Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration to go to 500ppm and beyond by the end of the century, far past the current concentration of 400ppm. 245 more words


BJ: No Other God Can Rescue Us

All the princes, governors, lieutenant governor and other official of the king gathered to look at the three men, who had not been harmed by fire. 115 more words


Great Music Festival Moments Of 2014

With 2014 winding down, it is a time of reflection. Instead of reflecting on the resolutions you couldn’t keep up with, focus on some of the best music festival moments of this past year. 319 more words


Jay Boogie - Richmond Son

Richmond Son by Jay Boogie on Mixcloud

With the release of Black Messiah, I wanted to give folks who aren’t as familiar with @thedangelo a taste of what came before and give fans a nice likkle mix to enjoy. 138 more words


Album Review: D’Angelo and the Vanguards’ “Black Messiah”

“So if you’re wondering about the shape I’m in/I hope it ain’t my abdomen that you’re referring to” – D’Angelo, “Back to the Future, Part 1”

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Ticking time bombs: Where oil's fall is dangerous

Ticking time bombs: Where oil’s fall is dangerous

(from cnbc.com)

“Continued price declines would for some countries and companies make an already difficult situation even worse” 337 more words


la vodouisante

Holly is currently fund-raising for her Vodou initiation. Care to help a future Mambo out?

I took these photos for her professional website, where she’ll soon be offering card readings and other spiritual services.