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Vos Study #8

In Vos Study #8, we have the first half of Ch 5, “The Development Leading Up to the Noachian Revelation”. This section of scripture is summarized in Vossian understatement as “revelation here bears on the whole a negative rather than positive character,” watching the Cainite line slide into ever-increasing depravity, and even take the Sethite line with them (Vos explains how the “Sons of God/daughters of men” passage is Sethite men taking Cainite wives). 299 more words


Imprecatory Psalms

“Instead of being influenced by the sickly sentimentalism of the present day, Christian people should realize that the glory of God demands the destruction of evil… instead of being ashamed of the imprecatory Psalms, and attempting to apologize for them and explain them away, Christian people should glory in them and not hesitate to use them in the public and private exercises of the worship of God.” – Johannes G. 9 more words

Stuff I Learned In Guatemala #9

Whereas in Costa Rica everyone mostly uses “usted” (the formal singular pronoun for ‘you’), Guatemalans use the informal tú and vos.

A really difficult concept to grasp for second language learners is how to speak in different registers. 382 more words

Foreign Language Learning

Vos Study #7

In Vos Study #7, Dr. (congrats!) Bucey and Dr. Tipton cover all of the small chapter 4, The Content of the First Redemptive Special Revelation… 386 more words