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Until They All Come Home - PFC Cecil E. Harris Has

Dear Readers,

Those of you that have been following our posts of a fallen U.S. WWII soldier for the past year, ever since his remains were discovered in Alsace, France, will be happy to read the conclusion of this touching story. 128 more words


Metzeral to Kruth or crossing La Grande Crête

A few weekends ago I took a solo hike across the Grande Crête des Vosges (crête is the French word for mountain ridge). 120 more words


Paris review; more do's than don'ts

Just back from a short break in Paris. It’s been quite a while since I was there and it was a most enjoyable refresh of a city with high scores on art, history, architecture, weather and food for any city in the world. 279 more words

Lutzelbourg, Petit- and Grand-Geroldseck, and Haut-Barr

Hiking with friends is great: you don’t have to take your backpack off every time you need something from your bag, you can blame taking a wrong turn on having become distracted by a good story instead of your sometimes poor map-reading skills and (maybe best of all) you can trade food. 316 more words