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Tour de France: From Sacrifice to Sucess

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If some of you still wonder how or why parts of the world stop and stare at their TV screens for days at a time watching people ride up and down and left and right on the small French provincial roads every summer, well it is for those exact reasons highlighted in the first 10 days of this year’s Tour de France. 1,084 more words

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It All Counts - Le Tour Stage 11

Bescaçon to Oyonnax will have no impact upon who rides into Paris with the yellow jersey draped across their shoulders, but every day is important in Le Tour. 180 more words

Tour de France, Stage 10: July 14th 2014. A view through old postcards

The second day of the Tour de France in the beautiful Vosges includes some of the towns and villages which suffered terrible destruction in the Great War. 633 more words


Tour de France Stage 9: July 13th, 2014. A view through old postcards

The Tour de France in the Vosges and Alsace passes some of the most historically interesting parts of the area, places significant in the period before the Great War when Alsace and Lorraine were under German occupation and sites of sadness and commemoration afterwards. 659 more words



This is what friends do on a Sunday afternoon…


Lièpvre to Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines

On the 10th day of train strikes in France, I decided to take a chance and attempt a trip to Lièpvre. It’s located in a valley called the… 562 more words


Spoiled landscapes (1)

Pictures taken during my hiking tours usually show places as I would like to remember them. That is what most people do, of course. One does not go on holiday to make a registry of the ugliness encountered. 189 more words