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Htel Restaurant Des Vosges

Grand Master of Artillery (French: Grand maître de l artillerie ) was created a Great Office in 1601 by Henry IV of France, but later suppressed by Louis XV of France in 1755. 144 more words


Arabian days (and nights)

I’ve been inspired by The Thief of Baghdad lately-a 1924 cinematic masterpiece given to me by a dear friend at Christmas and loosely based on… 631 more words

La Tête des Faux – one hundred years on. Christmas in the Vosges 1914 (2)

Commemorating the Christmas Eve attack on the summit of la Tête des Faux, one hundred years ago, 24th December 1914 – 2014.

Please visit the new… 218 more words


Noël 1914 - Christmas in the Vosges, 1914 (part 1)

 ( ‘Le jus’ Illustration Ernest Gabard 1879-1957)

The war on the Vosges front did not stop on Christmas Day, neither for truces nor football games. Personal accounts testify to French units in the region of Hartmannswillerkopf (le Vieil Armand) beginning to relax on Christmas Eve, sharing food in the homes of local people, singing carols, even planning to attend a local midnight mass and temporarily forgetting war. 281 more words


WiP - "Vosges, France"

My parents were on vacation, or “decompress” as they say it, in France.
They do this as much as they can because they live fairly busy lives. 60 more words