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Moving Forward After Ferguson and Staten Island

Recently I was asked on Facebook how I would help to solve racial problems in the United States, particularly among the black community. After the recent events in Ferguson and Staten Island, I feel that it’s particularly important to address what it is that can be done to help this community. 1,086 more words


With Voter ID Laws, Everyone Wins

by Michael Vitt

What does opening a bank account, taking the ACT test and renting a car all have in common? They all require some form of identification. 1,337 more words


From the Armchair of the Eternal Chairman

Optimist at Large

People are complex. Voters are people.  Voters are complex.  But in order to appeal to voters aka complex and sometimes self-contradictory persons; a Candidate cannot be real, complex person.  1,434 more words


The Politics of Voting: Four Suggestions

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about voting. I have Jason Brennan to thank for having stimulated me to sustained thought on the subject, via his much-acclaimed book, … 4,377 more words

Confirmed: Election Outcomes Not Affected by Voter ID Laws

Study: Contrary to Activist Propaganda, Voter ID Laws Don’t Don’t Swing Elections, and Don’t Suppress Minority Votes

Nate Cohn writes:

…The study was of Texas, and it was conducted by Stephen Ansolabehere of… 488 more words

U.S. News

Some In Ohio GOP Still Pushing For Photo ID Vote

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — As time in the session runs short, a group of Republican state lawmakers is continuing its push to force a House vote on a bill requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. 118 more words


We Just Don't Know

Matthew Jacobson

We just don’t know.

On what date did a meeting occur at which the decision was made to wage war against Iraq? Who organized the meeting? 581 more words

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