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“Life isn’t fair, but government absolutely must be.” (Ann Richards)

In a scene of the original stage musical Hair, three black women in identical pink sequined dresses stood together and sang “White boys are so pretty” as a parody of the Supremes (the song was too controversial to be in the film version). 909 more words


Christie clarifies voter mechanism comments: 'I was talking about Republican governors being in charge'

BORDENTOWN –  Gov. Chris Christie, appearing at a campaign stop with Republican congressional candidate Tom MacArthur in South Jersey this afternoon, was quickly bombarded with questions from reporters seeking to clarify recent comments he made at Tuesday’s Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, D.C. 656 more words

America is 'Colorblind'? Sure.

In a recent study by University of Delaware, it was shown that whites’ support for voter ID laws increased when presented a picture of African American people using a voting machine. 111 more words

SCOTUS Screw-ups

The Supreme Court has done it again. First, Citizens United. Next, McCullen vs. Coakley. Then, Hobby Lobby. And now, the Texas voter ID law. 137 more words

How Will Supreme Court’s Ruling On Texas Law Affect Black Voters?

The United States Supreme Court upheld Texas’ voter ID law. As a result of the ruling, 600,000 registered voters, mostly Black and Hispanic, may be disenfranchised because they lack the proper form(s) of identification. 91 more words

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Review "Crimes Against the Republic": Democrats Voter Fraud Transforming America

Review “Crimes Against the Republic”: Democrats Voter Fraud Transforming AmericaPJ Media ^ | HANS VON SPAKOVSKYPosted on 10/22/2014, 5:32:49 PM by lbryceOriginal Title:A Review of Crimes Against the Republic: How the… 877 more words

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Voter ID laws miss real culprit

Texas’s voter identification law is in place to guard against voter fraud.

Is it working? Does it seek out the most common culprit? Frontline, the acclaimed PBS news documentary series, suggests it doesn’t. 308 more words

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