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Some In Ohio GOP Still Pushing For Photo ID Vote

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — As time in the session runs short, a group of Republican state lawmakers is continuing its push to force a House vote on a bill requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. 118 more words


We Just Don't Know

Matthew Jacobson

We just don’t know.

On what date did a meeting occur at which the decision was made to wage war against Iraq? Who organized the meeting? 581 more words

US Politics

Laws as social control

As attempts to control behavior, laws actually reveal what is happening in society. This idea struck me when I was reading about early America.

The enactment of certain laws in colonial America in the 1600s suggested that poor whites and blacks slaves actually fraternized. 334 more words


How difficult is it, really, to get voter photo ID?

Getting photo ID for voting is damned difficult if the process is set up intentionally to make it hard for you.

Richard Sobel, a researcher for Harvard’s Institute for Race and Justice, looked at what some people in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas went through as they tried to get photo ID.  1,135 more words

Human Rights

AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Turns Out To Be Just Another "Community Organizer"

When President Barack Hussein Obama announced his pick to succeed Eric Holder as Attorney General, the first reports profiled her as an “overqualified” Prosecutor from Brooklyn, NY. 1,697 more words


Why is voter turnout so low? Why don't people vote?

Another election with lopsided, disappointing results. Not too disappointing for the Koch brothers, who were finally able to buy the U.S. Senate they apparently wanted for their $100 million in dark money from Koch-related groups. 1,411 more words