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California Senator Mounts Fight To Counter Voter Photo ID Laws

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – California Senator Barbara Boxer plans to introduce a bill in Congress that would ensure voters in states which require them to show a photo ID at the polls have easy access to acceptable forms of identification. 228 more words


Politico cartoonist fails at humor but successfully proves Godwin's Law

“Did you see that really clever political cartoon in Politico?” asked nobody ever.

Get it? The SS skeleton? B/c asking for ID is like killing Jews?

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Democrats stealing elections in a variety of ways

When Barack Obama won the 2012 election after such a disastrous first term of non-leadership, including rewarding Wall Street criminals while failing to restore the American economy, destroying American health care and ignoring the BP oil spill, I wondered whether he and his allies somehow stole the election from Mitt Romney, a political moderate and stand-up citizen of the USA with a sterling track record of leadership success. 489 more words

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Infographic Thursday: Do I Need a Photo ID to Vote?

If you’re anything like us, then you’re getting more and more excited for election day! But with new and contested voter ID laws making the headlines it can be confusing to know what, if any, voter ID laws exist in your state. 151 more words

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There and back again... then back again (One Woman's Harrowing Quest for a Photo ID)

As voting day approaches, many Wisconsinites–including myself, given circumstances I will explain in short order–are celebrating the sound shredding of Wisconsin’s voter ID law. Proponents of photo ID laws frequently shrug off critics who cite the difficulty of obtaining a photo ID for many Americans. 1,226 more words


Washington Post Voter ID Guide Becomes La Raza Handbook To Vote Fraud

La Raza Promotes Washington Post Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID

” The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

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Did Non-US Citizens Elect Al Franken? Ctd

John Ahlquist and Scott Gehlbach take down the study that claimed they did, pointing out that its limitations “are, in fact, numerous”:

Their estimates rely on a key question from the 

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