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Yesterday (9/17/2014) our local paper ran an op-ed article by Ashley Spillane, “prez” of an organization called Rock the Vote.   http://www.rockthevote.com/about-us/.  The piece was a regurgitation of her standard rant against voter ID laws that gets published in local papers all across our fair land.   329 more words

The Historical Legacy of WSB-TV Production

After pondering the despicable act by despicable people of attempting to suppress the black vote in the year 2014, in Georgia of all places, take a media moment with me as I say something nice about a Cox product: … 379 more words

Georgia Media

"Just The Tip Of The Iceberg": Hundreds Of Voters Are Disenfranchised By North Carolina’s New Voting Restrictions

Craig Thomas of Granville County, North Carolina, registered to vote before he deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army. After serving abroad for eighteen months, he went to vote early in the state’s primary on April 30. 576 more words


"A Serious And Accessible Right For All": America Is A Democracy; So Why Do We Make It Hard For Certain People To Vote?

Since I first registered to vote on my 18th birthday, I haven’t missed voting in a single election that I can remember. My feat has been nothing short of a pain in the ass, given that I have moved 14 times in the 19 years since. 876 more words


"Running Scared": Democrats Are Turning Georgia Blue; Republicans Never Saw It Coming

In 2008, under the best possible conditions for a Democrat, Barack Obama lost Georgia by just over 200,000 votes, or 5.2 percent of Georgians who voted. 1,094 more words