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"Confused Voter Or Disenfranchised Voter?": In Texas, You Can Vote With A Concealed Handgun License—But Not A Student ID

Texans casting a ballot on Monday, when early voting begins, will need to show one of seven forms of photo ID. A concealed handgun license is  440 more words


"Fear Mongering, Because It's All They Have Left": The GOP Is Desperate To Win The Mid-Term Elections

They supported the sequester which cut funding research for the Center For Disease Control. Maybe we could have been closer to a cure for a certain virus. 740 more words


Abrams: What We Seek Is Transparency From The Secretary Of State

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced last week that thousands of missing voter registration applications had been accounted for. He was quoted as saying that some 40,000 would-be voters were active and on the rolls. 255 more words


"An Affirmative Right": Adding The Right To Vote To The Constitution

The Bill of Rights, as the name implies, lists a wide variety of privileges of citizenship that cannot be taken from Americans without due process. You have the right to free speech, you have the right to bear arms, you have the right to a fair trial, etc. 1,148 more words


How'd they DO that? Ken Smukler breaks down voting trickery on "The Trickery Report" on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Wednesday, October 22nd


Political expert Ken Smukler of Infovoter (pictured above with Sybil Wilkes) revealed the voter suppression tricks and how to beat them and vote on “The Trickery Report” on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Wednesday, October 22nd.

Tom Joyner Morning Show

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I have received several messages asking that I make donations to President Obama… 948 more words

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