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We The People (Need To Step Up)

The recent controversy over President Obama’s decision to delay executive action in the issue of immigration reform once again brings the matter of bipartisan dissent to the forefront of conversation – as if it had been forgotten. 799 more words

It's important to vote on Election Day

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware we’re in the middle of a provincial election campaign in New Brunswick.

The campaign officially kicked off in late August, but thanks to our province’s fixed election dates, we’ve all known the election was coming for some time. 473 more words

Graham Jumps From 13 to 4

While I was updating the Candidate Directory this morning, I noticed something.

Fiona Graham had dropped out of the ward 13 race.

Curious, I thought, but it is about that time. 640 more words

London Ontario

"2014 Midterm Elections": With So Much At Stake, This Coming Election Day Is Not A Time For Eligible Voters To Stay Home

With less than 10 weeks to go before the midterm Congressional elections Americans in general are frustrated with Washington. National polls show that about three quarters of all Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job. 769 more words


Vote? Absolutely! ... but online?

I live in a very progressive community – open government initiatives with lots of opportunities for input, long-term and sustainable vision, alignment with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing… 741 more words


2015: We Have to Make the Case for Politics

I won’t be the first person (or the last) to talk about apathetic voters. A quick look at the statistics will show that until the 1997 election voter turnout was safely above 70%. 711 more words

General Election

Ebony: Vote or Die in Ferguson, Missouri?

In 2004, P. Diddy jumped into politics with his loud,over-the-top “Vote or Die” youth voting campaign. Citizen Change (the organization behind the campaign) hung around for one election cycle, but after racking up more expenses and press than actual registered voters, the initiative  1,122 more words