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Methinks Thou Protesteth Too Much

There are some things in life that should make you absolutely crazy. The old saying “mad enough to make you spit” comes to mind. However, when you are responsible for those same things, you really should stay quiet. 1,036 more words


Politics, the art of the Possible

The title quotation is from Otto von Bismark and previously attributed to R A Butler. It also features in the hit musical Evita, where the generals play a sedate games of musical chairs. 1,157 more words


Democracy 101

Earlier this week Scottish voters participated in their independence referendum. There are many, many points to be made about this. Most notably, however, is the fact that the percentage of people turning out to vote in this democratic process was around 85%. 218 more words


Get Out the Vote

When I was in the Navy, I was stationed in Scotland for two years.  So Thursday night I stayed up late to watch the early returns on their vote for independence from the United Kingdom. 320 more words


Scots show the way

Well done, Scotland! 85-percent turnout, 10-percentage points won the voting question, a solid, unquestionable majority. Scotland won either way. It will now wield more sway in the UK. 281 more words

National News

Scottish independence turnout puts U.S. voters to shame

Eighty-five percent. That’s the record turnout in the referendum on Scottish independence. You want to know what the best turnout in modern U.S. history has been for U.S. 753 more words

We The People (Need To Step Up)

The recent controversy over President Obama’s decision to delay executive action in the issue of immigration reform once again brings the matter of bipartisan dissent to the forefront of conversation – as if it had been forgotten. 799 more words