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Are We a Real Democracy Yet?

Most Americans would say that’s a given. I say democracy is more like a process, less like an end state. Democracy doesn’t only mean political parties and the right to vote. 830 more words

Political Trends

Not even 2M Minnesotans voted, marking the lowest turnout in decades

Whether someone who could have voted on Nov. 4 actually did so was essentially a coin flip in Minnesota.

Of the nearly 4 million Minnesotans registered to vote, barely half chose to do so earlier this month – the lowest voter turnout figure in decades. 173 more words


The Pitiful Options for the Modern Voter

About two weeks ago, an op-ed titled “The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years” ran in the New York Times. I found it when trying to figure out if other Deep Southern states had the same pitifully low voter turnout that we had in Alabama (41%), and it seems that they did. 810 more words

The Deep South

The worst voter turnout in 72 years

Only 36.3 percent of American registered voters went to the polls this year, the lowest turnout in 72 years.  Fewer than a third of registered voters actually voted in California, Texas and New York, and turnout topped 50 percent in only seven states—Maine, Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota and Iowa. 137 more words


Ban on bear hunting helps drive Maine voters to polls

Nearly 6 in 10 Maine voters cast a ballot this year, giving the state of Gov. Paul LePage and thousands of bears the highest voter turnout in the nation. 313 more words


Civic Pride An Endangered Species

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is simply a matter of civic pride and personal responsibility.

The result of this midterm election is embarrassing and appalling. I refer not to the newly elected Republican majority, but to voter turnout — or lack thereof. 221 more words

Syndicated Local

23 November 2014. RIA Infographics. Results of the Independence Poll in Catalonia



On Sunday, Catalunya held a survey of its population on whether it should be independent or autonomous. Earlier, the Spanish government and some Catalan political factions declared the vote illegal and urged citizens not to participate in it. 147 more words