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Lok Sabha elections—2014—Phase 5—High profile candidates, close contests, Voter apathy, and vastu preferences

Phase 5, the biggest phase of 2014 Lok Sabha elections involving 121 constituencies, 12 states, 1769 candidates, and 16.61 crore voters.

Of the total seats, Congress has 36 seats while BJP has 40. 831 more words

Elections In India

India, the largest democracy in the world

Today is Election Day in our state of Karnataka.  India will soon have a new Prime Minister.  The nationwide results will be known on May 16 but I do not know when the new person will take power. 584 more words


Voting and that conscience thing

I guess fate has a strange way of turning you away from something when it knows it’s going against your conscience. At least mine did. Election Day is the best day for this conscience thing to show its true colours. 721 more words

Suresh Kalmadi

Voting - myths and facts

     The general elections are going on right now.  Some states have already voted.  There was a message on Whatsapp from one of my friend’s today which I also happened to see on some other groups that I am part of.   1,086 more words


The suffrage has begun,
Will this apocalypse endue a potential leader?
The silent words and jargon,
or again the country’s aimless meander?

“Compatriots”! – Awake, frazzle, realize, & cast, 98 more words


Leadership for India

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision”

We all know qualities leader should possess. I thought it would be interesting to rate 3 main contenders for PM post on leadership qualities. 197 more words


The witnesses of making of History

The internet phenomenon or precisely calling it, facebook phenomenon has given wings to many people and their world. We are able to know beyond the books. 369 more words