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Suprisingly Few UC Berkeley Students Voted In Midterm Election

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — UC Berkeley is known for having a politically active student body, but in the recent midterm election, students barely showed up to vote. 314 more words


Is the American Voter Stupid?

With so much about President Obama, Obama-care, and Jonathan Gruber, and their apparent disregard for the American voter in the news lately, I felt I needed to weigh in. 596 more words


Pelosi Distancing Herself From Gruber

Recently one of the architects of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, came out with a very damning view of the American voter.  He was caught stating that view, not once, but twice on camera. 118 more words


"He can't vote," Man tries to vote, poll workers tell him he is dead

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MIDLAND COUNTY, Mich. (WNEM) — Dale Hopfinger is a patriot and he feels it’s his duty to go to the polls. 213 more words


The Stupidity of the American Voter

Passing Obamacare was dependent on the stupidity of the American voter.  Those are the words of Jonathan Gruber, who was courted by the Obama administration, and paid $400,000 for his efforts to see that the bill made its way through Congressional obstacles. 184 more words


Who are you voting for?

Many Towson University students prepare to skip out on voting for this midterm election. Listen to the story about Towson University’s Student Government Association’s hope to change the outlook on voting for college students. 20 more words