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मतदार बंधू-भगिनींनो नमस्कार…

भारतीय लोकशाहीमध्ये सर्वाधिक महत्त्व असलेला मतदानाचा दिवस जवळ येऊन ठेपलाय. त्या दिवशी योग्य माणूस निवडायला चुकलात, तर मग पुढील पाच वर्षे मनस्ताप करत बसण्यावाचून पर्याय नाही. 7 more words

Political parties in Dominican Republic demand e-voting to be included in legislation

The need to optimize the electoral system in Dominican Republic includes modernizing voting with the implementation of technology. In order to carry out a transformation plan leading to reliable, safe, and transparent elections, various parties have demanded a legal reform. Find out more here.

Ecuador is ready to automate elections

Ecuador will decide whether or not to automate its elections based on experience. To this end, last February 23rd it carried out a binding e-voting test… 475 more words