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Looking for an honest election? Look again. Ballot stuffing in AZ

Think we will have an honest election? Third world countries do better than we do. Most require identification. For us, not so much yet. So we have here  a video of a fellow stuffing the ballot box. 399 more words



In this video and others like it, I will be talking to you about the likelihood that the 2008 elections in Alaska were tainted by electronic Electoral Fraud, that an insider in… 1,287 more words


Dr. Jean Mercer: A Retrospective of Her Academic "Career"

Dr. Jean Mercer never hesitates to point out that she is a professor emerita of psychology. This proclamation must be tempered with several facts.

First, Dr. 345 more words

Monica Pignotti

D.C. Voting Machines Malfunction Weeks Before Election

WASHINGTON (WNEW) — About four weeks from today D.C. residents will head to the polls to vote for their mayor and marijuana legalization. But the D.C. 167 more words


Staff tests voting machines to prepare for general election

We are exactly one month away from the general election, and if you haven’t registered yet, there’s a critical deadline you need to know about. 114 more words


Troubles with electronic voting machines aren't rare: expert

FREDERICTON – An expert in Canadian politics and elections says problems with electronic voting machines like those seen in New Brunswick aren’t rare.

Pauline Beange, who lectures at the University of Toronto, says she prefers the old-fashioned method of hand-counting. 155 more words


E-voting for expats drive gains strength

The Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Chile have recently placed under public scrutiny the need to open space for e-voting as a solution for expat suffrage.  Expats have been systematically excluded in many nations due to a lack of legislation regulating their political participation and to the difficulties implied by organizing elections outside of the country. 364 more words