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E-voting for expats drive gains strength

The Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Chile have recently placed under public scrutiny the need to open space for e-voting as a solution for expat suffrage.  Expats have been systematically excluded in many nations due to a lack of legislation regulating their political participation and to the difficulties implied by organizing elections outside of the country. 364 more words

Brazil heads back to the polls leveraging on electronic voting

This October, Brazil will head back to the polls for an election deemed extraordinary for its impressive numbers: 141.8 million voters will choose from 26,131 candidates competing for… 364 more words

Experts support e-voting in Dominican Republic

Probably under the assumption that one of the first steps that must be taken to protect and optimize the process of modernizing an electoral system is, at the very least, to hold a public debate on the subject, the… 512 more words

Peru turns its back on transparency and jeopardizes e-voting

The recent events in Peru are a good example of how good news might not actually be so good. Although in the country it was announced that the use of e-voting, which was implemented for the first time in 2011,  would be extended to… 475 more words

Colombia breaks its silence and resumes the e-voting debate

After eight months of silence, Colombia reactivated the debate about the organization of an e-voting pilot test, an experience that could entail the true transformation of the country’s old and ill-reputed electoral system. 330 more words

Unasur praises e-voting in Ecuador but disapproves of Scytl’s system

Last February, during its sectional elections, Ecuador took an important step towards the modernization of its elections as it carried out three electronic voting pilots in selected provinces. 533 more words

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Insuring Accurate Election Counts

One of the lessons Thomas Jefferson learned from the French philosopher, Montesquieu, was the importance of accurate election counts. Many an early republic floundered because of inaccurate election counts, and shoddy record keeping. 383 more words

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