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Please join us in celebrating Willie Velasquez Day at the MACC in Austin on May 9th, 2014

Half of the Public School Children in Texas today are Brown – yet they don’t know who he is.

Half of the Public School Children in Texas today are Brown – 48 more words


The following notice was printed in the Longview News Journal on
Sunday, April 20, 2014 & shared by We The People – Longview.

​ATTENTION VOTERS… 325 more words


Paying your debt to society forever

One of the biggest stigmas a person in our country can carry with them is being a convicted felon. It is something that carries with it far reaching consequences that may not even be known to the average citizen, even after they serve a sentence. 935 more words

"A Crucial Step Forward": The Democracy Restoration Act, Securing Voting Rights For All

The right to vote is at the heart of our American democracy. Political participation by citizens is the great equalizer — it is the one thing that allows all Americans, no matter how powerful or weak, to make decisions about who will lead and who will help to advance their interests and protect their families. 590 more words


Governor's new policy could give more Virginians the chance to restore voting rights sooner

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Governor Terry McAuliffe is working on making restoring voting rights easier on some felons who have served prison time.

Governor McAuliffe says the new policy will allow more Virginian offenders to have voting rights restored sooner than they can be currently, through a new process that is both more ‘transparent and responsive.’ 66 more words


"Dopey Media Whiffs Again": No, Dems Aren’t "Playing Politics" By Exposing GOP Idiocy

Lazy Beltway pundits have discovered a new Obama scandal: The president is telling his base the truth about how Republicans are making their lives worse, and he must be stopped. 933 more words


Experts: North Carolina early voting cuts will hit blacks hardest - By Zachary Roth 04/17/14 04:45 PM—UPDATED 04/17/14 04:46 PM

If the cuts to early voting in North Carolina’s restrictive voting law had been in effect in 2012, Election Day wait times would have risen dramatically, a significant number of would-be voters would have given up in frustration—and African-American voters would have been hit hardest. 481 more words