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"Suppressing Votes Just Another Day At The Office": Republicans Are Treating The Right To Vote As Discretionary

When I said yesterday that the right to vote was increasingly being treated as a partisan political game, I had no way to know that a very prominent Republican politician would supply an instant illustration, per a… 260 more words


Texas Just Won the Right to Disenfranchise 600,000 People. It's Not the First Time. | Mother Jones

On Saturday morning, the Supreme Court ruled that Texas’ harsh voter ID law could remain in effect for the upcoming midterm elections, potentially disenfranchising some 600,000 mostly black and Latino voters. 103 more words

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Supreme Court Allows Strict Texas Voter ID Law

By: Lauren Tortorella, Associate Editor Vol. 20

On October 18, the Supreme Court issued an order allowing Texas to use its strict voter ID law for the November election. 100 more words

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They Want Us to Stay Home on Nov. 4 | Lee A. Saunders

The stakes are SKY HIGH in this election November 4th. If we the people don’t get out of the house and vote, plutocracy will be more deeply entrenched and we’ll lose our government to the corporations, and anti-pollution laws, minimum wage laws, occupational health and safety laws, to name a few, will be GONE, and the government, in this libertarian utopia, will have no other function than to beat down and repress all those of us in the lower orders who DARE to demand their rights. 31 more words


"An Affirmative Right": Adding The Right To Vote To The Constitution

The Bill of Rights, as the name implies, lists a wide variety of privileges of citizenship that cannot be taken from Americans without due process. You have the right to free speech, you have the right to bear arms, you have the right to a fair trial, etc. 1,148 more words