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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s critically important 5 a.m. wake-up call on voting rights. By Richard L. Hasen OCT. 19 2014 1:05 PM

On the surface, Supreme Court justices seem to have it pretty easy: They decide only around 70 cases per year with a written opinion, meaning each of the nine justices on average gets assigned to write  524 more words

Voting Rights

Conservatives fear Roberts going soft - By JOSH GERSTEIN | 10/18/14 7:00 AM EDT Updated: 10/19/14 8:03 PM EDT

The chief justice twice appeared to side with the court’s liberals. | AP Photo

Chief Justice John Roberts seems to be going wobbly again.

Conservatives, still smarting from what they view as an ideological betrayal by Roberts two years ago in the Supreme Court’s 5-4 Obamacare decision, have looked on suspiciously in recent weeks as the chief justice twice appeared to side with the court’s liberals and Justice Anthony Kennedy against the court’s conservatives. 521 more words


Justice Ginsburg sees what motivates Texas' voter ID law: racism - LA Times

Ginsburg’s colleagues voted 6-3 to allow the Texas law to remain in effect for the upcoming election. But as she observed in a scathing dissent issued Saturday, the measure may prevent more than 600,000 registered voters, or 4.5% of the total, from voting in person for lack of accepted identification. 26 more words

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"Rand Paul's Appeal To White Moderates": The Return Of The "Different Kind Of Republican"

There’s always a market, particularly in the media, for the politician who can surprise by running counter to the stereotypes of his or her party. As the two parties become more ideologically unified, that figure becomes even more compelling. 821 more words


Justice Ginsburg: "... racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact"

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), snuck around in the early morning hours Saturday to decree that stopping a Texas law which discriminates on racial grounds would be unfair to Republicans in Texas who have worked so hard to disenfranchise those who might vote against them. 2,052 more words

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To Vote Or Not To Vote???

Never fear. I am going to vote. It is important. Besides, if I did not vote I could not complain about things as much as I want to. 43 more words

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Supreme Court Allows Texas To Use Voter ID Law In November - by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS October 18, 2014 6:15 AM ET

The Supreme Court said Saturday that Texas can use its controversial new voter identification law for the November election.

A majority of the justices rejected an emergency request from the Justice Department and civil rights groups to prohibit the state from requiring voters to produce certain forms of photo identification in order to cast ballots. 470 more words

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