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Minnesota Voters Turn In Lowest Turnout Since 1986

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) ‚ÄĒ The fall election produced Minnesota’s lowest voter turnout since 1986, according to results certified Tuesday.

Final figures for this November’s election put participation at 50.5 percent of eligible voters. 194 more words


HL Mencken on Government and Voting.

Looking through HL Mencken’s “Minority Report” I found a couple of lines that seem to escape those who want government to have it’s big nose in practically every part of our lives and then implement their wish through a vote. 60 more words


Political Apathy

The Gaurdian recently did an opinion survey debating whether voting should be made compulsory in the UK. The results of this poll showed that 52% of people believed that it should be obligatory compared to 48% who believed that it should not. 198 more words

Do You See Now?

PSA – Now do you see why I am so serious about jury duty and voting?! Some refuse to go or find some way to get out of going. 269 more words

Life Lessons

Japanzilian Election (Japanese x Brazilian)

by Sato

While I was in Japan, I was surprised when there was an election there. I didn’t see any advertisements on tv, on posters nor on the street. 160 more words

Learn Brazilian

Election Experts: Many PA Counties Use Unreliable Voting Systems

When you went to cast your vote on Nov. 4, did you stop to think, “If I wanted to check to see that my vote was cast correctly, could I?” 182 more words