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The movie Selma will premiere in Nigeria on Sunday 8th of February ,2015, at The Rock Cathedral, Lekki.

Selma is the story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic struggle to secure voting rights for all people, starting with the historical march in Selma, Alabama. 26 more words


Let's have a party!

Less than a hundred days to go now and the pollsters have got their calculators out, busily trying to prophesy how the UK’s upcoming election will turn out. 391 more words


Current Vote - Straight out of a Disney Movie

Hello Virtual Travel Buddies! It’s that time again, time to vote on the next Drop Me Anywhere location. “What?” you say. “So soon?” Well, yes, now that I’m not returning back home in between, we can travel a little faster than before. 278 more words


The un-acceptable face of politics

For the next few months, I’m resigned to my waking life being interrupted by that most unpleasant of things – a general election.

I’m not a disconnected, nor a disillusioned voter and yes, I’ve met my fair share of politicians, good and bad alike.   1,249 more words


Nigeria's giving Muhammadu Buhari—an ex-military dictator—what he's always wanted: A chance

On the last day of 1983, Nigerians woke up to find their democratically elected government gone. Major general Muhummadu Buhari declared the army had become “deeply concerned” about the conditions under which ordinary Nigerians were living. 1,093 more words

Re-form to reform

‘Reform’ is a word that is used extensively these days in politics. Any change reflected in policy and/or legislation is labelled ‘reform’. Actually the word means: improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt or unsatisfactory. 351 more words

Views On News

Disastrous result for LNP in QLD

What is going on in QLD? Only 3 years ago, the Labor party was unceremoniously dumped from power with a record defeat and only managing to hold onto 7 seats. 424 more words