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The vows that aren't making the cut

I’m writing my own vows for my wedding.

Or, I’m supposed to be writing my own vows for my wedding.

Every time I start thinking about what my vows could say, I feel like I’m negotiating a hostage situation more than declaring my love for someone. 445 more words


Symbiogenetic Love Tale

Hold me—
just hold me in here—
in my emptiness,
just hold me down,
cure my heart;
with your spells.

Hold me—
when am weak— 163 more words


From filial respect to making vows

The intent of the Buddha speaking the Sutra of the Past Vows of Bodhisattva Earth Store lies in this extract of the opening paragraph: Thus I have heard, at one time, the Buddha was in the Trayastrimsha Heaven speaking Dharma for his mother. 382 more words


Friendship Vow

I vow to be your friend

To hold your hand

Hug you tight

Listen to your problems

As long as you help me with mine… 79 more words


The Vows: Lost and Not Found

As I mentioned on the previous blog post, my personalized vows were left behind at the hotel room and never made it to the ceremony. I was extremely upset at the time because I wrote those vows a month before the wedding and they included a poem for Matthew. 206 more words


Haiku 82

Butterfly appears

white flower blooms, bird sings

vows are made in church


I Can't Change Anyone, But I Can Change Myself

It wouldn’t be a day on social media if I didn’t see something like the screenshot above on my timeline.

I am not perfect. I laugh at things I shouldn’t, some days I’m more sassy than usual, you get the point. 417 more words