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I’ve been reading quotes about happiness tonight on tumblr. It makes me want more out of my life. It is also teaching me that I have the power to choose how I spend each day and that I can make my own happiness. 211 more words

Wedding Vows and Beer

‘Twas the night before my wedding…. and I still hadn’t written my vows. So there I was sitting at the corner McMenamin’s drinking a beer and hoping for some sort of inspiration. 516 more words

The Best Part about Weddings

I attended the wedding of a very dear friend this past weekend. I was maid of honor, or Best Woman, as she re-named me, because “Matron of Honor” sounds so matriarchal and I suppose¬†you can’t be a married maid. 197 more words

Why not make a vow or two?......

The New York Boys are finally doing it, tying the knot, jumping over the broom stick ie getting married. After a decade of wedding venue hunting (on my part) they sneaked out by themselves and fixed it all up in a local hotel. 822 more words

My Days

Red Cow

Dinner Friday was amazing. We visited the Red Cow on Selby and I loved it! The atmosphere was chill and relaxing. The wine list was extensive. 330 more words

Of Vows and Marrow

And on this night,
In your flawless white
with flower in your hair,
There will be no parenthesis
(just delight)
To separate these names we bear. 31 more words


God loves marriage!

When you think about marriage do you have mixed feelings? I have heard it all from, “that ain’t for me,” “why get married every man is going to cheat”, to “we been have together all this time we might as well get married”.¬† 460 more words