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2D or 3D?

I frankly don’t know how many dimensions should the game play in. 2D looks good, but so does 3D… I’ll think about something…

Also, I did not post for a while simply because of university’s call. 13 more words


New Favorite Game, Space Engineers

Recently my friends stumbled upon a new game that they were raving about called Space Engineers. At first glance I thought oh great someone’s trying to take minecraft and put it in space but oh boy was I wrong. 261 more words

Chaotic Shmoo

Moving Day!

When the Ancient Forest and Tundra biomes were added to Landmark, I abandoned my tower and moved. It is hard to believe more than two weeks have already passed. 253 more words

Video Games

To get the materials right...

The first picture represents the current esthetics of the characters in Unity. As of right now, the colors are pretty harsh, but it’s at least “colorful”. 118 more words


Character models, the start of the project

So far, two character models have been made, both currently female. The two male party members are on their way, but is taking longer since I also have to create the male body build. 113 more words


Thesis Related Thoughts

The following post is more for my own benefit.  Sometimes, by describing a problem to someone else, it becomes clearer.


For my thesis, I’m working on a homemade low-cost 3D scanner.   1,411 more words