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Oort Online: The new Voxel-based MMORPG from Wonderstruck games

Since the success of Minecraft, it’s fair to say that there aren’t many people out there hunting for a new game in the same style as that, which can be made quite clear by looking into how many people have taken to Blockscape, but Oort Online looks not only promising but utterly stunning. 344 more words


Embryo Development Visualisation

Each of us started life as a single- =cell embryo.  Understanding how embryos develop into complex systems is vital for our understanding of congenital and developmental conditions.   210 more words


Matt Tries: Robocraft

More free games to try out this week. Matt crosses his fingers and tries out another free game that features making your vehicles for combat! 14 more words


InMobi's New Suite For Game Developers Sports Voxel's Playable Ads

Independent ad network InMobi is touting a new solution for developers to take advantage of gamers’ emotional states to produce high click-through rates on advertisements in their games. 205 more words