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Minecraft 4K C++ Port

A while ago I discovered Minecraft4k, a java demo written by Notch fitting into a 4kb object file.  He used software raycasting to rasterize a large 3d array of voxels. 90 more words

Task 1; Landscape

The default right now in HiFi is to float in space, which I find quite disconcerting.

I am too used to the visual cues of the landscape to understand where I am. 368 more words

High Fidelity Avatar

There is some pretty amazing stuff going to happen in this world. FaceMapping will take your expressions from your WebCam and make your avatar do the same. 282 more words

High Fidelity proceeds

Now officially in the Alpha and with my own Domain (server) active and working I have spent the day looking at some of the things I can do. 254 more words

More High Fidelity

Day two exploring Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity, and I have been joined by a very close friend who is also a well known developer on one of the SecondLife TPV teams. 259 more words

High Fidelity

Philip Rosedale, tech visionary and brilliant creator of SecondLife has been at it again for the past few years on a new virtual world based on Voxel/Octree technology, plus what looks like being a distributed server model. 737 more words