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Why did you decide to study at UOW?

With a vast selection of universities to choose from in Australia, I set out to discover why my fellow students had decided on the University of Wollongong for their studies. 80 more words


What's the biggest challenge you've faced to date?

Within the student population of journalism at the University of Wollongong, there are diverse individuals of all ages studying their passion. In this Vox Pop a closer look is granted into the personal lives of these artistic students and where they’ve come from. 63 more words


What drove you to journalism?

This year, The University of Wollongong’s journalism class is filled with a diverse selection of passionate, creative students all attending university for a specific purpose. These people who vary in their personalities, background, appearance, age and lifestyle are all connected by one thing – their intense aspiration for a bright future in the field of journalism. 42 more words


Oekraïne dag 7: Donetsk. De andere kant van het verhaal.

Oekraïne was de voorbije weken en maanden regelmatig in het nieuws. De meeste mensen weten dus wel wat er aan de hand is.

In een notendop was mijn persoonlijke interpretatie van de situatie de volgende: 1,443 more words


Cohorts of Worry-Warts

No student can say that they live a stress-free life. No matter how chilled or suave, everyone in their own way is a worrier.

Whether it be politics, assignments, employment or everyday shenanigans, beneath the layer of cool-cat that we often present to the world, there is a miniature you that hangs about biting its nails, nervous sweating, and stress-over-eating. 6 more words


Sports Chat With The People Of Sydney

Monday morning proved very fruitful as the streets of Sydney were swept with aspiring investigative Journalists. Different groups hit the concrete sourcing the average opinion on things from sport, aspirations, all the way to elements of personal life. 479 more words


First Vox Pop practise

I asked various students scattered around the UOW campus the craziest conspiracy theory they’d heard about the ‘Malaysian Aircraft’ news story that was crowding the headlines. 90 more words