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before moving..,,poem

leaving is easier
than being left
for instead of a void
there’s a voyage
the world’s excess
instead of an exit

yet numbness remains
covering up the pain… 13 more words



Érase una vez, en un reino muy lejano donde no habían reyes pero si sultanes, aunque por la época ya tampoco los había, entonces presidentes mandaban, en fin, en esa tierra lejana de bandera roja con media luna y estrella adherida, estampada, cosida, vaya uno a saber, ahí en esa lejana zona que antes fue imperio romano, después fue imperio otra vez, Bizantino lo llamaban y después volvió a ser imperio con nombre nuevo y elite gobernante también, otomano de nombre, que fue reemplazado por república, de menor tamaño pero acogedora, allá, en ese reino, vivía un globito que se ganaba la vida llevando turistas para que vieran esa tierra lejana llamada Kapadokya, conocida también por su nombre italiano Capadoccia que sabrá Mandrake la razón por la cual es conocida por este nombre si turísticamente la descubrieron los franceses, Capadocie de nombre tendría que ser conocida. 1,372 more words


Sweet Festival Treatments | Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires Spa

My fashionistas, studies show the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions. A typical partner would have gifted gold or diamond jewelry or may be a pair or two of Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutain noting my desire for Shoegasm;) My partner knows  I can fend for myself  and most importantly he understands me- what I would like to receive for presents and, that is definitely not something materialistic.   603 more words


A piece of work…

Without the kind of fanfare that accompanies something like an Apple Watch or iPhone, Amazon rolled out its latest and greatest e-ink reader today. It’s been my experience that people who spend a lot of their time reading are not necessarily the wild, loud, in your face types. 362 more words



Down the road


Fraternity within the trail


Making ride worth the while

Strength is renewed

Refreshing streams

Sweeping over

Seeping through

Soul refreshing… 91 more words


Nuit Blanche: A Traveler Reflects

Nuit Blanche . . . White Night—French for sleeplessness. It sounds almost celestial, doesn’t it? A vast, shining stretch of emptiness, a field of untouched snow, a freshly laundered sheet floating over a soft, welcoming bed. 629 more words

Serenity And Peace

Nessus: Ship's Clerk

It had been a busy morning. I needed to make sure the cargo had all been accounted for and stowed away. It was my first voyage as the Ships Clerk and I was going to prove myself. 1,106 more words

Biblical Storytelling