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Ways I Have Referred to Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch"

  • Wet Kleenex
  • Vat of middle-school girl tears
  • Beef jerky soggifier
  • Testosterone nullifier
  • That thing we should engrave onto a golden disk and shoot into space to serve as a warning to any aliens who find the naked pictures on the “Voyager” spacecraft

Best Star Trek?

This includes everything, which Star Trek is best?

The different series, ENT, TNG, DS9, VOY TOS, and the new revamped films (that are probably about to become the new “Mission Impossible” and go on too long.) 206 more words


Week 5: Baby, I Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Archives

There is something recursively poetic about contributing to one’s own archive while writing about the process, motivations and theories about archival. This week’s readings concern both the nature of archives themselves, as well as the forces which drive their creation, and govern their function. 681 more words

25 years ago we met this beauty...

On August 25, 1989, Voyager 2 passed by Neptune, giving us the first pictures of this beauty, up close and personal.  Before then, all we had were pictures of a dot in the sky.   152 more words


Last Call: Pluto-Bound Craft Crosses Neptune Orbit

CAPE CANAVERAL (CBSMiami/AP) – The New Horizons spacecraft, on its way to Pluto, crossed the orbit of Neptune Monday.

NASA calls the crossing a cosmic coincidence. 198 more words


Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to Star Trek Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

1. The number of times this crappy show has ripped off Star Wars is astounding!

2. Data’s character is not compelling. His lack of humanity makes him impossible for me to relate to. 100 more words

New Global Map of Triton Shows Neptune's Moon Like Never Before

This Monday will mark the 25th anniversary of Voyager 2’s visit to Neptune, its historic close approach to the distant ice giant having been made back on Aug. 403 more words