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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

From the day that I was diagnosed to the weeks after the shunt insertion and still to this day, my family and friends played such a huge role in my recovery.  1,095 more words

Here I Go Again On My Own

So you’re probably wondering whether the story is over now.  Well, fortunately for you but unfortunately for me, it’s not.

Once I was released home with the shunt in place, I was in a “wait and see” holding pattern.  979 more words

Brainstorm - Part Two

Will I wake up normal?  Is there a chance that this surgery could lead to unintended consequences?  What if they can’t get the shunt in place and find that there is no plausible way for me to have the device inserted – does that mean this is my life forever?  1,192 more words

New Season, New Directions...

Hello everyone!  I’m so sorry for the mahoosive delay between my last post and now.  I’ve been busy with work, sorting out shunts to send overseas and had not one but two laptop disasters; 1,632 more words


Brainstorm - Part One

By now, I hope you have noticed one common theme in all of my entries – if you haven’t yet, you’ll have to wait until part two of this post for the revelation… 1,106 more words

Recap Part 3 - Now.

Last night Brooklyn told me that he could hear creepy noises that me & Kyan can’t hear. After lots of noise making and investigating I realised the creepy noises are the gurgling of csf through his shunt. 741 more words


Recap part 2 - hospital

It got harder. It’s only now with the benefit of hindsight that I can see the pattern.
I can’t remember exactly when we first noticed that Brooklyn was leaking cerebrospinal fluid (csf), but it soon because clear he was losing quite a lot. 1,178 more words