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By the time I finally make the executive decision to crawl out of bed, it’s somehow Sunday evening and than Monday and than…WTF, I’m having my morning espresso, dark circles creeping under leftover mascara smudge, and bun high on my head to blend right in at the gym full of Lululemon-heads with biceps bigger than my… 99 more words


Victoria Secret: You are failing me today. Yoga underwear, no lines – my ass. My maxi dress says different. Thanks a lot.

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Bizarre gadgets from the ads of the past - Mattel Power Glove

The idea of being able to magically control devices with every twitch has always been something of an engineering holy grail. For every Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, and Playstation Move, successes like those have crawled ahead on the back of countless good-intentioned ideas that turned out to be tragic mistakes. 1,184 more words


VPL :: Distend Jacket & Pant

Love a great jogger! ‚ĶEspecially when they’re on sale! Ha!

An open VPL jacket with a signature mix of avant-garde shapes and cool colorblocking. The crossover panels drape in back, falling to an angled hem. 46 more words


HMM . . . : The Humanities Without the 'U', Within our Public Libraries

I’d be very curious to see a breakdown of the educational backgrounds of public-library users who currently borrow humanities-related material from our public libraries, and who attend public-library sponsored, humanities-related, events, like author readings and book-club meetings. 1,041 more words