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Visible Panty Line. The VPL is the unsightly line, artificially created by tight underwear that marks the end of your ass, and the start of your thigh. 19 more words


For The Boi In Every Girl

It’s fair to say that I’m a very girly girl; I like to wear dresses, high heels and lipstick. I especially like lingerie, although sometimes I’m sick of picking my g-string out of my crack (I know SO not girly girl to say that) and just love the comfort of a full brief. 224 more words


Deep Learning

Everyone is talking about it.

Sentiment Analysis


Gentle introduction and a great python tutorial for deep learning is here


Fabricating a split flip

I decided to make my own display from scratch since I need four individual numbers to flip to show a 4 digit year.

I found… 50 more words