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Dual DMVPN - Resilient design

This will a continuation of my previous post on DMVPN where we discussed about a single HUB DMVPN design, although this design work well however when it comes to real implementation with a huge number of spoke sites we cannot live with a resilient design . 707 more words


Consigue Los Sims 4 más barato con VPN mexicano

El día 4 de septiembre se publicará la reciente versión de Los Sims en España.

Pero, esperad, no os deis prisa de comprarlo ahora en la tienda de… 317 more words



DMVPN ( dynamic multipoint vpn) was introduced due to the administrative complexity and scalability of static tunnels. Every time a new spoke is configured requires additional configuration on the HUB , also the number of tunnels keep adding with every new Spoke site , this is fine if the spoke site are less but in large hub and spoke deployment this is a not a scalable design. 981 more words


Lies Not a Part of Diversity of Views

By Chang Ping, published: August 30, 2014

(This is Chang Ping’s fourth rebuttal, also declined publication by Deutsche Welle, to Frank Sieren’s defense of the Tiananmen massacre, the “ 1,460 more words

Human Rights & Civil Rights Movement

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This sounds too good to be true. But for $19 I think it’s worth a shot. Any thoughts?


Point-to-Point GRE over IPsec

Although IPsec provides a secure method for tunneling data across an IP network, it has limitations. IPsec does not support IP broadcast or IP multicast, preventing the use of protocols that rely on these features, such as routing protocols. 813 more words


Configuring IPSec Router−to−Router, Pre−Shared, NAT Overload Between Private Networks

This sample configuration shows how to encrypt traffic between two private networks ( and using IPSec. The networks know each other by their private addresses and these private address communicate with Internet (public address ) by using NAT overload. 991 more words