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Timeout exception with Rails mailer and disabling IPv6 on Ubuntu server

I attempt to setup email notifications in my Rails application and get exception

Net::OpenTimeout (execution expired)

My SMTP settings:

  address: smtp.gmail.com
  port: 465
  authentication: plain
  tls: true
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How to install PrestaShop on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce solution, based on PHP and MySQL that allows you to easily create an online store. To install PrestaShop on an Ubuntu VPS follow the very easy steps described below. 17 more words

The data center in Europe (Latvia) - hosting, VPS, colocation, domain

Full data center services to rent dedicated servers, virtual servers and colocation

CMS/Blogging Platforms

Within this next week, I am going to be purchasing both a domain and a vps.  Once I do that, I am going to be migrating my blog/site over to that.  50 more words


How to deploy .war file Web Apps on Ubuntu

To install Glassfish, see this.

DigitalOcean Tutorials: How To Install Glassfish 4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04.3

but Java EE is quite demanding to your server, you could also try JBoss instead of Glassfish. 15 more words


Full instructions - How to get a free Windows VPS for a YEAR

A lot of people ask us for a good VPS that they can use for their copy of Mass Planner, if you want to keep your account posting 24/7 but don’t want to keep your computer on all day long the easy solution is to use a Windows VPS and move Mass Planner on that server. 13 more words

Is the cloud the new end-all-be-all of hosting?

Ever since the cloud trend really took off, sometime between 2008 and 2010, it seems like we’ve been bombarded with nothing but epigrammatic marketing catch-phrases and reminders ’round every corner that “one really ought to host in the cloud in this day and age”. So is…