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Using LibCurl with Visual C++ 2010

I was stuck for some time with LibCurl and Visual C++ 2010 (VC10). The document Using libcurl in Visual Studio available at the  279 more words


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I'm currently working on a C++ program that will take finance data from a web API and run it through the fundamentals tests covered in the last post thereby generating a basic buy rating indicator. In order to achieve this a way to send web requests from the program is required; the easiest way to implement this being the CURL libraries. My IDE of choice is Visual Studio 2012 and the blog below details in an excellent tutorial the steps required to install LibCurl.  

Software on the hosted build server

Took directly from visual studio site: Hosted build controller.

You can check the detail list, and install the visual studio extension “Avanade Extensions for VS2012… 133 more words

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Using OWIN Authentication Middleware WITH VS2012 And ASP.NET MVC-4

Short version

Aim is to use OWIN Authentication middleware using external authentication and Asp.Net Identity for a Asp.Net MVC 4 application in Visual Studio 2012. 1,158 more words


VS2012 not loading project -Unable to read project file.

I tried loading a solution I’d been working on at home onto my work machine and one of the projects failed to load with the following error : 118 more words


OpenCV - Get your apps running on Windoze, with QtCreator and/or VS2012

<warning> This is a dumb self guide to my dumb self to get OpenCV programs running under Windows, and using the Qt Library for the UI.  960 more words


Tried Installing Windows 8.1 Update being a Windows Phone Developer ? ;)

I recently updated my PC to the latest upgrade given by Microsoft, the Windows 8.1 Update ! So after happily installing the Update I tried working on my Windows Phone dev projects on my good awesome Visual Studio 2012. 151 more words