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Introducing NSX in Your Enterprise – Crossing Over the IT verticals

Virtualization has forever changed the way IT departments operate and VMware with its flagship vSphere brought the concept of virtualization to companies of all sizes, big and small. 830 more words


vSphere VM Hotplug functionality confuses AD GPO and locks out non system drives

I was asked to look at an issue on a customer account where when a server VM, used as a XenApp Dynamic Desktop server is moved from Computers OU to the desired destination OU and gpupdate run then suddenly the D and E drives were inaccessible.  329 more words

Register vCenter Server on Tegile

After 7 years of NetApp administration and implementation I have started looking for a new storage vendor that can “do it all” like NetApp has been able to do. 687 more words


LACP, LAG, Etherchannel and vSphere 5.5 - a simple explanation

I have often stumbled when trying to explain the differences and the relationship between Etherchannel, LACP, and IEEE802.3ad.  I began stumbling more when I learned that vSphere 5.5 supports Enhanced LACP and LAGs.   259 more words


General Availability of VMware ESXi 5.5.2 Patch & vSphere v5.5 U2

I figured I’d spread the word, that VMware ESXi 5.5.2 patches are now out.  One can check out the original announcement right from VMware at: … 332 more words


vSphere and vCenter Server 5.5 update 2 released

…. so instead of giving us all vSphere/vCenter Server 6.0, we’re treated to another update of 5.5…… =(



Anyways, the new update now supports hosts with up to 6TB of RAM…. 112 more words


Error Exporting VM to OVF using web client

While performing an “Export to OVF” task, came across the error “Could not connect to the remote source: couldn’t resolve host name”

I have a lab setup on vmware workstation, all VMs (ESXi, vCenter, DC) are configured with “Host-Only” network type. 84 more words