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2014 #FP archive

Focus gently through a coffee-soaked dawn Blood pulsing, body still, mind pulling the threads of their dreams Seeing, knowing, spinning #FP

— Ay (@aault8) March 21, 2014

There were plenty of fish in the sea, she knew.

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12/12/14 #FP round-up

Blackness didn't dissipate immediately when she woke. She breathed thick, dusty air and tried to figure out where in time she'd slipped. #FP

— Ay (@aault8) …

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I stumble and fall
Stuttering most times, hide and crawl
My flaws will win your heart someday.

Afternoon Tea

My son is home
smelling like the wind
after Thanksgiving football.
My eyes say
my nest will be empty soon.


Coffee break

I gave you my heart
You wrapped it up in a grape leaf
baked it over coals
Then gave it back to me
with garnishes. 9 more words

Coffee Break

Tweetable Fiction

You’re a flight, two trains and a bus away. #vss

— Luke Żammit (@AlphaWings) November 27, 2014

Flash Fiction


We don’t talk anymore
If I wrap my body in bacon
maybe I could see you tonight
my enticing aroma
your kryptonite