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Nutanix Data Protection - Secure your data

While doing customer, partner and event presentations the last couple of weeks i have been asked quite a lot of questions and one question that seems to pup up every time is about Nutanix Data Protection. 871 more words


Helluva Tattoo (#VSS)

Spenser had wanted to get a tattoo ever since he read the eponymous story by Paul Cooley. It was a super creepy story, but it dug at something primeval in him. 349 more words



She is hovering over me, breathing my air, suffocating me. Why is she here? I do not need you now. She is glaring, judging; she believes she can do better. 112 more words


Paladin Trap Detector (#VSS)

Ulrich the Strong looked from Rabith the Mouse to the door and back. “You checked this for traps, yes?”

Rabith nodded, shaggy black hair shaking. “Thoroughly, yes.” 310 more words


Mine beloved #vss #ayoy #poetry #micropoetry

Feel me in your heart,
That’s where to belong

I don’t want you to see me
But feel me.

Silence is the path,
Silence is the goal. 61 more words