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School “The New Church of Hatred”

“WCW To This F*****g C***!” Says a freshman on her Instagram post. Many people liked it, many were tagged and many were influenced. I hope you can see the picture and the sarcasm to the definition of school that we all know. 616 more words

What Makes a Bad Word a Bad Word?

I yelled out “Sh*t!” in the grocery store today.  It was a little out of character for me.  I rarely use profanity or bad language when I’m out in public. 1,018 more words


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hm, I'm quite the opposite of the author. I curse all the damn time. I managed a heliport when I was in my early 20s. being around the pilots, off-shore workers, and mechanics all the time, and being a general Social Sponge, I definitely picked up their habit of liberally using profanity. in fact, during my linguistics studies in high school and at college, I wrote numerous papers on profanity and its application to and importance in society. however, I never looked at it from a syllabic perspective. I wonder if multiple syllables are more "acceptable" because they sound more advanced -- like saying "I hate that" versus "I abhor that", or "mad" versus "angry" versus "livid" versus "infuriated". this is something I'm going to look more into.


is the life we lead,
dishonest to the full,
in negativity we breed,
dark arts and relationships cruel.

is the way we speak, 84 more words


Why are you rationing out syllables like they're edible and you're starving!??

Real kids and fake kids on TV are talking like this. It’s not even gibberish. It’s as if these kids are forgetting their train of thought mid-word. 135 more words

Funny Shiz

"Vulgar Departed"

Obscene contention of uncomfortable means;
Unseemly shadows pour over me

Intrusive, abusive minds, contemplating destruction,
Love wanes and falters, like the assurance of the greedy… 131 more words


You're girly until you open your mouth

Mister Vulgar said this to me on saturday when we were hanging out.

What can I say! I’m a sucker for ridiculously attractive guys. (Who are good in bed) 733 more words