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Hello, I am a horrible person!

You Americans fascinate me!
I won’t say I am a good person. I am a stereotype after all and what is a stereotype without it’s sins and gold teeth. 434 more words


Value-Added Language

I have a problem with cussing. Mostly, I just don’t believe in it. By that, I don’t mean that I don’t believe in doing it. I don’t believe it exists….or, at least it doesn’t really exist for me. 458 more words

Cultural Awareness


Fuck yourself and scream my name,
Give me all your pain;
Tell me I deserve the blame,
Turn your tears to rain.

Do you think you will survive? 16 more words


Cussing (swearing) Women

Whether I am sitting down for an afternoon break to watch a youtube video with a much relished cup of Green Tea, playing with my children at our apartments communal playground, or waiting in a checkout line at the Grocery Store, my ears will inevitably be assaulted with the rotten fruit of degeneracy, that is cussing. 436 more words


Too Fake

They say you should be g

Fuckin wit me

I be gettin paper

like its fallin out a tree

I keep stacks up in my pocket… 68 more words


Vulgar and Offensive

We had hoped to take a break from the decline and fall of western civilization over the weekend by immersing ourselves in college football, but of course it proved futile. 454 more words


Is It Clever Or Just Coarse?

Neal Pollard

What do a fantasy football service and a seafood restaurant have in common?  Maybe the advertisement firms they both hired and they felt proud of their play on words that made the commercial viewers hear one word but think of another, extremely vulgar and profane word.  380 more words