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Potty Mouth

I’m not supposed to be writing right now. For once, I wasn’t even going to attempt to write because I have too much shit to do today. 816 more words


Vulgar boy

So remember vulgar boy? Yeah. So he thinks I’m crazy hot, and loves to give me the D.
He just texts me, at…. 12:40 am.. To ask if I want to come over. 348 more words


Citizen Fuck's Final Monologue

Fuck this shit. Fuck everything. Why the fuck is everything so fucking fucked up. Fuck man. Saying fuck should be okay and not seen as an attempt to be edgy or “negative” or any of other…

476 more words

Your Favorite 'Sesame Street' Characters Are Very, Very Naughty In This Week's 'Unnecessary Censorship'

I’m a sucker for vulgarity, a real motherf*cking sucker for f*cking vulgarity. Even when it’s merely only f*cking implied, such as it is on… 78 more words




1. refusing to reply to you

2. vulgar

3. dealbreaker

4. I never heard from him again

5. Call someone the wrong name… 10 more words


Vulgar girl gets the D

Guess who messages me tonight wanting to hang out. In a weird ironic twist, he said he offered me an invitation earlier today. Which I was very unclear of by the way. 66 more words


He thinks I'm vulgar.

A guy I’ve known for a few months, (I really like him actually.. reeeally really like him) moved away recently. Not far, just the other side of the province. 504 more words

Booty Call