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Clean Hands

You spoke to me through Top 40 Pop and R&B while I was writing you poetry.

I lived in a glass case.

I’m not sure if you couldn’t bear the idea of bloody knuckles, or if you could only believe in my glass case the way modern American society believes in democracy. 77 more words


Shades of Vulnerability

Shades of Vulnerability

Open up
Lose control
Admit mistakes
Feel fear
Make peace
Put feelings into perspective
Be Courageous… 10 more words



I hadn’t been going to church much lately.  I stopped going regularly last fall, and lately, I’d really been missing the spirituality.  Felt like an actual hole in my gut that kept wanting to be filled.   696 more words

Apply frequently

Two years of doing Encounter on the streets, in cafés and shops, has taught me that people do like to talk. Before I would have been a bit slower to initiate conversations with people I had just met (let alone people I just walked up to!) because I was reluctant to encroach on anyone’s personal space. 430 more words

Making Space for Love

Today a bee buzzed around me for a long time. “I’m not a flower, go away!” I told it in my heart, but the bee continued to come closer and closer. 372 more words

Sexual Addiction: Intimacy Disorder

Behavior Disorder
Brain Disorder
Sexual addiction is a(n) Intimacy Disorder
Profound Boundary Failure
A Family of Origin Disorder
Relationship Disorder
Courtship Disorder
Trauma Response
Way of Managing Shame… 446 more words

Sexual Addiction


Today, I’m all in my feelings. And I hate it. I’m consciously attempting to return to my breath when sadness sets in. I imagine this will continue for a while because letting someone go from your life is never easy. 216 more words