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a working post

I don’t like writing about my work; my job is difficult and hard to put into words. It also resists compartmentalization, so I often find myself talking around it a lot, poking it with words until sometimes someone else goes, “oh I get it.” I have to take their word for it; after 4 years in my current job I don’t think I really get it myself. 331 more words

About Hope

2014 The Engaging with a Wholeheart Project: December

The longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere has come and gone and even though winter still deepens into the end of the year, the light is slowly creeping in.  477 more words


If I Never Admit It, Maybe We Can Pretend It Isn't True.

I have always been a big believer in keeping my emotions locked inside,
Not because I want to keep secrets but I just feel safer if I hide. 374 more words

What You Don't Know... Won't Hurt Me.

You don’t know it yet,
And I am not sure if you ever will,
But you are the one who can make my heart still. 232 more words


Creme brûlée conversationals

Excuse me for being nosy but… I’d like to get to know you.

I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions. I don’t intend to pry. 360 more words


The Meaning of Vulnerability

V is for vexing. Confusion and the inability to understand surround me.

U is for uncertain. Do I really want to share my heart?

L is for less. 179 more words

Le Retour du Cœur et de l'Âme

I am a writer. Or at least, that’s what I hope to be someday. I’ve written many blogs in the past, both my own and as a guest blogger on other websites. 192 more words