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Day 22 (v.2)


- I wish I knew about natural medicine. Like an apothecary or a witchy woman. Or Iza in Clan of the Cave Bear. That I could make a poultice or an elixir from roots and herbs that could cure ailments. 1,012 more words

Daily Posts

Feeling better about professional vulnerability

Wow, I went from real deflation to feeling inspired, empowered and confident in work again. Funny how these ups and downs can happen. Now I;m in a better groove at work, feeling productive and appreciated. 101 more words


Dear Diary

The theme this week for me has been vulnerability. It has come up in conversations. I have thought about it and puzzled over it and dove in, because in my mind, it is the essence of being human. 225 more words

Basic BS

I can see you...why can't I see myself? (TBT edition)

I’ve decided to pay homage to the Throwback Thursday phenomenon (#TBT) by sharing a post I originally published six months into my 365 day challenge, on June 7, 2013.

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My Journey

Naked: Why touch when you can feel?

“It is among the hardest things there is, to be truly naked—to bear not only your light, but display your darkness; revealing not only contours of skin and bone, but the contours of the heart and mind.” 18 more words


I Am Only Human

Have you ever let yourself be vulnerable? To illuminate the darkness within you or showcase your light… For the longest time I struggled with being open, it was as if being strong was deeply embedded in my bones. 306 more words