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Functional Families

I spent the weekend at a friend’s family summer cabin.

I found it so healing to see a family that basically functioned: the children received tons of love, support, and appropriate limits. 221 more words


Day 2: buh-bye perfectionism, hello vulnerability and play!

Today I embarked upon two new journeys: 1) My renewed commitment to sobriety, 2) a brand new (and first) job in the field I recently earned my master’s degree in. 669 more words

21 Little Ways You Can Be More Vulnerable (In A World That Desperately Needs It)

1. Take a picture of yourself without any make-up and “regular” clothes. Share it with your loved ones with the caption, “Just me.”

2. Write a letter to somebody you used to know and explain how things ended from your perspective, and how you’re feeling these days. 403 more words

Offline attack shows Wi-Fi routers still vulnerable

An attack can break into some common Wi-Fi routers, via a configuration feature.

A researcher has refined an attack on wireless routers with poorly implemented versions of the Wi-Fi Protected Setup that allows someone to quickly gain access to a router’s network. 496 more words


Strength in Vulnerability

Many believe that exposing your vulnerable side is a sign of weakness.  That is simply not true when we look at relationships, which in my view, is the only aspect of life that means anything.   800 more words


"Find The Courage To Be Vulnerable" - Brene' Brown

 I read this book – Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown… 390 more words


Societal values versus the open court principle: Application of AB v. Bragg Communications since 2012

Online harassment received significant attention in October 2012 when news broke about BC teen Amanda Todd’s suicide following unrelenting online and in-person harassment and bullying. Ms. 429 more words

Supreme Court Of Canada