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The One About Never Getting Too Comfy

I discovered yoga a few years ago when my friend (then coworker) A.T. introduced me to her local studio. Her studio became my studio, and I’ve been practicing there ever since. 467 more words


A Letter to the Writer in You

Dear Writer,

Words have been heavy for you lately, its weight carried down by boulders. The gravity reminded me of something mystical. Stonehenge. These ancient stones standing stoically, weighted down by the ages, by the search of wanting answers for its existence.  124 more words

Compassion and confusion.

I have a tough time with ambiguity. I want answers, I want results, I want control. What I’m learning from Brené is that ambiguity and unknown are healthy, and not only cause us to feel sad, low, and vulnerable, but also lead to change, joy, and creativity. 357 more words

I Am Those Birds

There are times I wonder about this whole thing we do.  This recovery thing.  Why I am here and some other person just like me is out there still suffering in silence?  937 more words


Middle School ... here he comes!

Middle School Orientation for Justin … drum roll please!

Well, the morning started out a little dicey as we pulled up to the middle school parking lot and dozens of geese were grazing across the lawn.   866 more words

Wholehearted Living

Together twenty-four seven

Don and I have been together nearly sixteen years and married for twelve. Since we became nomadic three years ago we have been in each other’s company almost continuously. 1,622 more words


Gmail smartphone app vulnerable to hackers, researchers say

Researchers have found a weakness in Google’s popular Android operating system that let them hack into Gmail accounts with a 92% success rate.

The vulnerability extends to a number of other apps including H&R Block, Newegg, WebMD, Chase Bank, Hotels.com and Amazon, according to their study. 287 more words