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You make me want to hide.

You ask me not to show myself, well you aren’t that blunt, you communicate it differently, quietly.
Shutting me out slowly. 447 more words


Earth Invasion : Our Sun

Our sun is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

It’s been around for billions of years and will be here for billions of years more. That ball of fire and energy provides us with all we need to survive and thrive on planet earth. 927 more words


Earth Invasion Posts: Introduction

I write about alien invasions. A lot, sparing no uncomfortable detail.

It is my full-time job given that I spend on average fifty hours a week on the subject matter to create my novel. 483 more words

Abuse Victims & Self Empowerment

We’ve all seen, or are at least aware of the Ray Rice elevator video of him knocking his then fiancée, Janay Palmer out cold.  Of course this promptly sparked numerous conversations, articles and blog posts dissecting abusive relationships and what causes people to stay in them. 858 more words

I am daring greatly by asking your help❤️

Dear all,

I just signed up in gofundme.com http://www.gofundme.com/DaringGreatly and I would like to ask your help on this!
it is indeed vulnerable for me to ask help and this is my first time to do this. 619 more words

Wholehearted Journey Journals

Let's Get Vulnerable

Hey it’s me Mark!

Let me tell you a story…

Improvisers create scenes to tell stories. Stories need drama. Drama can’t happen without vulnerability. This is why Superman is frequently criticized as a story. 702 more words


What matters most

When you are empty…who makes you smile?

When you have nothing left to give…who fuels your fire?

When you want the world to stop…who do you want standing beside you?