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Quarantined Heart

He smiled at her as he talked

eyes dancing with unknown emotion

his face was bright

his voice was light

her heart was heavy.

The more she observed his ways… 43 more words


Finding Your True Self!

Midlife Magic

When we transgress the unknown, we often find ourselves!

Few months back my daughter threw me off-guard with this question: Mom, what is your passion…what do you like doing the most. 641 more words

Look Inside

Reasons Not Excuses

By Mark E. Smith

My brother, six days less than a year older than me, is a private man, and so rarely do I speak or write of him. 437 more words


How To Open Yourself Up To The Experience Of Joy

Why bother with all the effort-risk-vulnerability that goes with showing up as a creator – one who creates, cause, authors?  Why not simply continue to go along with our conditioning and the default way of ‘showing up and travelling through life’ – that of a consumer who at best only gets to choose that which others have created? 458 more words


On Listening

For the past two years, I have been working with people. I studied mathematics in college, a discipline that has right and wrong answers. A proof either works or it doesn’t. 708 more words


jeans day.

yesterday was the day. the day i had to buy new jeans.

for the record: i HATE jeans shopping.

i don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone because i have never met a single girl who enjoys going out and getting a new pair of jeans. 738 more words

Love Your Love

Vulnerability Begins Here

Last week, in class we needed to turn in what our professor called a cultural mapping of our lives. We had to include certain cultural groups we belonged to on these maps including religion, race/ethnicity/ language, just to name a few. 289 more words