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The Limits Of Vulnerability

I question my limits. Not how far can I go, but how far have I gone. If I keep looking forward I lose sight of how far I have come. 681 more words


Sharing My Story, My Truth

All quotes in this post are borrowed from, Brene Brown’s book: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are… 619 more words

Health And Wellness

vulnerable unknowing - October 19


a storm comes through,

a tower a thousand

miles away goes dark,

the airplane


someone gets sick

someone several

thousand miles

away dies, 66 more words


open homes and shared tables

Somewhere I learned that it is better to be invincible, to skip meals and stay up late and pray only on Sundays. I found it hard to be served by those I thought I ought to serve, and harder still to draw close to anyone for fear my humanity may show. 433 more words


Mind Poops

I guess I’m doing this to lure some discipline into my life.  I remember being a writer at a young age, though.  Somewhere between my adolescence and young-adulthood I got stuck.   429 more words


Express yourself: What a recurring dream about dirty public bathrooms was trying to tell me

For years I had been having a similar recurring dream.

I would enter a public bathroom and there would be rows and rows of stalls as if I were in a maze. 527 more words

Best Life

Vulnerability: Misinterpreted

It all started with a quiz. You know, those ones that appear on your facebook feeds which claim to be able to tell you which ___ you are, even though they know nothing about you. 453 more words