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Reply to the Grownup: Don't Be Afraid to Fall on Your Knees

Dear Grownup,

I am the one who received all the letters you wrote for Childhood. They all came to me, because the Childhood you wrote to no longer exists.   617 more words


Are you holding onto uncertainty out of fear?

I think there is a difference between certainty as a form of knowing and certainty as a form of being. It is one thing to acknowledge the possibility of not achieving your goals, but it is another thing entirely to hold on to that uncertainty and act with it. 228 more words

Weight Loss

Her cloak unwinds only partially

Her cloak unwinds only partially

Showing some belly hairs and two lined feet

Her sex and solar plexus too peak from underneath

Yet remaining covered is the vestiges… 118 more words

On Life

My Solution: Day 23 of the April Poetry Challenge

Last night just before bedtime I was having some personal time in the bathroom when the door was pushed open by little fingers. I tried to forestall the intrusion, but there was no stopping my little Gigglemonster. 746 more words


Has your password bled out through the heartbeat?

The day after the Heartbleed Bug was brought into mass awareness, I was sifting through my email inbox to find some delivered from web services I am subscribed to, all containing some reference to this new exploit that had been discovered. 87 more words

Fedora 19

Here's the Short Slam Poem I Promised. :-)

This is a product of treatment. I just uploaded it to Youtube tonight, because apparently you need a URL to post a video here.

My face is not visible. 161 more words