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from the leaf bed.


The Rogue ~ red fox watercolor painting

Right now, my 10 year old son has an obsession with red foxes…he’s done reports on them, studies them online, reads books about them from the library…needless to say, there is a lot of fox reference around lately, and his enthusiasm is wearing off! 58 more words

It Cannot Be True! (82)

The scientific name for the red fox is ‘Vulpes Vulpes’. Fact.

It Cannot Be True!

Red Foxes Preparing Dens

Red Foxes will be begin giving birth in about a month, so the time for preparing their den has arrived. While it’s never very hard to see a fox den (due to the pile of dirt at its main entrance), they are most obvious now, when the dirt removed by the foxes is conspicuous against the white snow. 127 more words