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Cultured at Birth

Did you know that the origin for the word ‘vagina’ is literally ‘sheath, scabbard’? While it is also the source for the word ‘vanilla’, the sweet luxurious aroma associated with relaxing candles at bathtime, cold ice cream on a hot day, or the comforts of baking cookies, identifying my birth canal as a sheath for a sword is hardly the imagery or association that empowers me or give me any sense of what it is. 1,232 more words

Birth Canal

The beginning, 13 years ago...

Why did I decide to start a blog? I suppose it came from the fear of never having my story told. It came from the fear that another woman would be going through this and need my support. 922 more words

A Quick Guide to the Female Genitalia

By Oliver N Chapman

Being able to experience great sex is an important part of any relationship, and a relationship that experiences great sex is an important goal in your personal development. 1,528 more words

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There are THREE holes down there??!!...

…she said as I was about to insert a urinary catheter after her epidural placement while she was IN LABOR. “Yes, there is the hole you pee out of, your vaginal hole, and the anus…” … 62 more words

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Wobbly Waxing

I am a strong advocate of what you do with your vagina is your own damn business. I am not naive or cave-dwelling to not realise that without media, and its influence on us, that most of us would all sport au naturel fannies. 592 more words

Feminist goes postal when 2nd-grade teacher declines her vagina cookies

A woman with the alias “Autumn Lily Speaker” went into a narcissistic rage when her daughter’s second-grade teacher refused to serve students a tray of vagina cookies Autumn had baked. 630 more words