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Japanese woman 3D-prints a kayak made from a model of her vulva; gets arrested for obscenity

LOL! :)

Tokyo-based artist Megumi Igarashi, 42, was arrested on Saturday for sending data that could be used to create 3D models of her vagina.

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Is the "Toronto Trim" the solution to women's cycling discomfort?

I don’t mean to get all riled about what other people do with the their genitalia. Fur? No fur? Dye it funny colours or not… 556 more words


Learning to Love the Yeast Beast

There are pros to having a yeast infection? Yes, ladies, there are, you just have to look hard enough. And then maybe look some more. They’re there somewhere. 132 more words


American exchange student gets stuck inside giant stone vagina (vulva) in Tubingen, Germany

I hate when that happens!

The exchange student from America is believed to have climbed inside the marble sculpture in Tubingen, Germany, on Friday afternoon, for a dare.

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All 30 Girls In Swedish Classroom Found To Be Victims Of Female Genital Mutilation

School health officials in eastern Sweden have uncovered a case of one classroom where all 30 girls were victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). All but two of those 30 were victims of “infibulation,” wherein the clitoris and labia are completely hacked off and the genitals are sewn tightly together to leave only a small vaginal entrance. 430 more words

How to have a better orgasm: Part 1- Is my pussy normal?

Are you disconnected from your body?

Looking in the mirror is one of the hardest things that women do.  Our voices are almost always critical and few of us have appreciation for our own bodies even though they carry us around, they are our vessel for interacting with the world, and our connection to ourselves and others.   705 more words


Why you should start using the word "Vulva" instead of "Vagina"

Recently, I read The Vagina Monologues and was greatly impressed by the play and it’s subject matter. The play explores the shame many women feel about having a “vagina” and the stigma attached to the “vagina,” as well as the pleasure they can experience through the “vagina” and the beauty of it. 255 more words