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VW Scirocco - The Naughty Button

I love ‘Sport’ mode on automatic gearboxes. It’s like pressing the naughty button. Let’s face it, we don’t want to be penny-pinching economy misers all the time, do we? 146 more words


Forge Motorsport UK 'Berg Cup' Inspired Mk1

After a few days of preparation for a fully involved shoot of this mk1, it ended up not working out. I was able to grab a few shots at a local show where the mk1 happened to be. 38 more words


The 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI. A Cool Hot Hatch

Indulge me for a bit while I elevate into a fictional stratosphere. Clark Kent is a boring person, self-righteous but uninteresting. When the facade drops and the kyrptonian takes over, all hell breaks loose. 921 more words


Smiles Per Gallon

Officer, I made it all up.  I’m a very safe driver.

Yesterday, on a sunny afternoon, I went for an exuberant drive with a friend.  He brought his NB Miata, and my mk4 GTI lumbered along for the festivities as well.  277 more words

VW Scirocco - Inside Out

If the paintwork on our GTS leaves you cold then the interior is pure, refined and functional. Classic Volkswagen, in fact.

Just look at the picture above – this could be any top spec car from the VW range. 117 more words


Golf GTI one to watch

The new Golf GTI is an example of just how VW has innovated and evolved in over 40 years. Packs an impresive punch right?

Price tag:£13,9995… 10 more words