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If only you could drive it...

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There are three tiled works under this bridge. Half a pickup truck, half a VW bug, and a complete VW bug.

Where is this? 53 more words

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Thoughts From an Early Morning Drives

It’s a bit past two in the morning, and I’m meant to be up at around 5:30, but I couldn’t help but think about my car. 448 more words

1: Make a List: Volkswagen: What's it mean to you?

Title: “VW: What’s it mean to you?”


The very name itself instills a feeling different and more inspired than other manufacturers.

The “People’s Car”, or, Volkswagen, is just that: the pinnacle of what the every-person’s car should be. 449 more words

2// A Playlist

Music. I’m a huge music buff, but there’s no one particular genre that I love. I’m a huge eclectic when it comes to music, loving everything from classical and opera to hip-hop, classic rock, and indie music. 611 more words


1// Make A List

Well, here’s my first blog post for my Curiousness class, and our directive was to make a list. I’m not gonna lie, I can be a creative person, but for me, creativity comes and goes at sporadic times. 467 more words


A day in Wolfsburg- the home of Volkswagen

We had planned to go and visit the VW AutoStradt and once we had completed the factory tour at 1 pm, we would leave and get on our way again. 614 more words

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