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Boot Hill Museum Dodge City, Kansas

I arrived in dodge city after leaving Hutchinson, Kansas and immediately saw a pretty sweet ditch to skate, then I found another one! I spent quite a while at the local coffee shop called Joe-nes updating everything on here. 195 more words


Alaskan Pilgrimage: Fireworks, more Hippies, and a New Quest (Days 3 and 4)

The next day I woke up and my fellow traveler and we cooked up some boxed breakfast delicacies. I, being the impatient person that I am, was eager to get on the road. 1,327 more words



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34: Exploring archetypes: The maverick

You’re a maverick. No one tells you what to do, not that you would listen even if they did.

They told you, “You can’t drive your lifted VW in this parking lot, you’re not allowed to show off your cars innovative design!” 395 more words

33: Exploring archetypes: the Thrill-seeker

Will your VW make it to the top of the mountain? Are you pushing 400 hp or sitting at a stock 250?

With great risk comes great reward, for you, the thrill seeker. 347 more words

32: Exploring Archetypes: VW - The explorer

Whether you’re exploring the back roads of Europe, or cruising across the American highway, Volkswagen will always be there to explore with you.

Understanding the world around you in only possible through exploring it. 293 more words

31: No Directive: Dub Learning Center

Similar to the VW Brand Center in one of my previous posts, a “Dub Learning Center” would be a great way to have people get hands on and behind the wheel of VWs. 368 more words