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Do I have to be available 24/7?

The pressure of being available 24/7 is a huge issue in today’s job market. A lot of companies require that you are always available, not only in the office, but on weekends, in the evening, etc.. 244 more words

Work-life Balance

Wherein I Rant About a Lack of Real Wagons

I would happily drive any of these WAGONS. Sadly, we won’t see any of them in Canada (maaaaaybe the Focus Wagon, and Mazda6 Wagon, but no confirmation on either of those from their respective manufacturers). 392 more words

Cool Cars

38: No Directive: Dub-Tron - The armored Dub

Imagine your dream car….it probably doesn’t have armor plated sides and a rooftop turret, but some people require such a car.

In drug-war torn Mexico and countries fighting rebels across the world, there is a demand for armored cars that can survive IED explosions and ambushes from infantry rockets. 476 more words

37: No Directive: Dr. Dub - Mad Scientist - Pt. III - Finale

Arthur: They’ve stormed the gate, Doctor! They will soon be upon us!

Dr. Dub: Blast! I underestimated those peasants..no matter….they will soon perish..nothing must come between us and our research, Arthur. 591 more words

36: No Directive: Dr. Dub - Mad Scientist - Pt. II

Arthur: Doctor he’s getting closer…he’s…..wait…he…there are many of them! Oh my, it is a mob!

Dr. Dub: Bah! Let them come! My creation is the most innovative and pleasurable motor vehicle this old village has ever seen! 459 more words

35: No Directive: Dr. Dub - Mad Scientist - Pt. I

Arthur: Dr. Dub, the lightning storm has almost reached a climax, my reports indicate the electrically charged atmosphere is almost perfect.

Dr. Dub: Excellent, my dear assistant, then the preparations are almost complete. 414 more words

Halloween Themed Title

This may look like a tenuous attempt to link today’s post to the spooky festival in which we’re blogging it, but it was planned all along. 143 more words