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Looking for 2015 Emerging Markets Opportunities

By Todd Shriber

This has been another disappointing and turbulent year for emerging markets exchange traded funds. Amid faltering currencies, tumbling commodities prices and geopolitical tensions, the… 632 more words

Emerging Markets

What Has Changed in EM This Week

  1. Indonesia’s recently elected President Jokowi is facing his first major popular challenge
  2. Turkey raised the daily dollar auction amount from $20 mln to $40 mln…
  3. 654 more words
Emerging Markets

Totem Soup Friends – vWo (Vapor Trail E-Cigarettes) – Milk & Bread

South Buffalo is BURIED by “Storm Knife” and even the Vapor Trail shop is closed. The chicken nuggets are gone, call in the National Guard!!! 16 more words


Dear Dutch “Examenkandidaat”,


So, you are at one third of your final year at secondary school. How do you like that? Does it freak you out? 436 more words


Past Simple: underrated tense...This is how you use it!

VOOR NEDERLANDS SCROLL JE EVEN NAAR BENEDEN. English grammar is so cool! It’s really easy to figure out what tense you should use in a certain situation. 351 more words


Adjectives of Bijvoeglijke Naamwoorden: read, listen and "see" all about it!

Let’s talk about adjectives today. Adjectives are usually dealt with in combination with adverbs. The difference between these parts of speech are not always clear to everyone so dealing with both of them in your English class makes sense. 474 more words


Totem Soup Friends – vWo (Vapor Trail E-Cigarettes) – Do You Even Lift BRO???

See Andrew and CJ’s dreams come true, right before your very eyes, as the boys from Vapor Trail diversify their portfolio when they open a wrestling gym. 16 more words