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2nd stage Faded Sapphires...............

Making progress now and I’m happy with the dimensional effect the appliqued leaves have given, a 2nd placement at the side to balance things and a token few at the base. 116 more words

Serious Subjects

WIP!: Or SIP!, 54mm Squats(-in-Progress) for Inquisitor(ial Purposes)

A grand (yet middling) aim of this hobbyist is the capability to field a sizable contingent of squats at 54mm –for games of Inquisitor and perhaps 54mm Necromunda, Kill Team, and even possibly small points 2nd edition 40k at 54mm. 1,034 more words


WIP: Squat (counts-as) Knight Titan (Early) Work-in-Progress (in Blue, Mostly)

The Middling can seldom go long without working on most beloved Squats, in some form, scale, or other. Why? For some inexplicable deep, complex, mysterious reason that will remain unknown to humanity until the end of the universe (or, simply, because there is such a long queue that the cries of injustice from so many unfinished, unpainted space dwarves refuse to be ignored for long). 773 more words


Zakspeed Escort GR.5 W.I.P. #5

Hi there!

Just a pic dump, all can I say it’s close to the first release :)


Cemetery of the Heart

We all have a Cemetery of the Heart that we visit from time to time. It is a place that is unique and belongs to each of us alone. 643 more words

The Phil Factor

Extra opportunities for Education students : The return of the W.I.P

Another  University year and the beginning of the second year of the Working In Partnership group…

For those poor souls that don’t know what the W.I.P group is, then the easiest way for me to describe it is a University version of a school council. 453 more words