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WIP: Sundry Models for Dundracon Preparations - Spoilers and Really Only a Lone Photo

With less than three week’s until Dundracon, the Middling is hard at work on a great variety of hobby projects aimed to make the games run at Dundracon all the more aesthetically and ludic-aly enjoyable for both player and gamemaster. 304 more words


▶ Graduation project progress - YouTube

▶ Graduation project progress – YouTube.

The Equine Project

Music video/promo


So far, my progress has been kind of slow. We are still in pre production, but it is the later stages of pre production… if that makes sense. 93 more words

Music Video

WIP: Asian Village, Progress on Terrain Wave the First (near completion)

After many months of dallying and avoiding finishing off some Plastcraft terrain pieces of the Japanese variety, after a weekend spent at furious drybrushing and shading, and another fortuitous sunny day for spray protecting, wave the first of this setting has been brought to near completion. 304 more words


W.I.P: Wedding

Working in progress,

this is my first time as an assistant of wedding photographer, comment below if you have any :)

More photos coming, stay tuned!