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Porch Mayfair / Electrician installing New Lights w1

Today we are back at Porsche in Mayfair in the B1 central London working in the basement area with Luke management of motor vehicles whom has requested that today we install brighter lighting that will brighten up the bays where the car is polished to see… 48 more words


Romanys, 51 Brewer Street, City of Westminster, London W1, 2014 • Example of a useful old Soho shop that’s still there, a rapidly diminishing group. I included the bloke because he looks like Larry David out of… 10 more words


Euro Sandwich Bar

Euro Sandwich Bar, 20a Swallow Street, City of Westminster, London W1, 2004 & 2014 (bottom) • Much lamented classic caff from the days before Swallow Street housed champagne bars. 18 more words


Reflections on Ferguson

I have been putting this post off. Not because I have work to do (I do), not for pure procrastination purposes (I’ve been pretty good about that so far this semester), but because I am not sure what I should say on the topic. 555 more words