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Rolling the fender flares

When I got the car back on the wheels, the tires was almost touching the fender flares. I tried driving the car, but the front tires where rubbing against the fenders all the time, so the car was undrivable. 212 more words


Picture Me Rolling

Not much has really changed with Pepe’s W123, although he did swap on the wheels from his 300D. He drove up to the city yesterday and I managed to grab a couple shots on the way. 36 more words


Gute Nacht!

Traurig, aber wahr – seit gestern nun schlummert mein Benz unter einer Plane, darauf vorbereitet, beim nächsten Geldregen sofort wiedererweckt (und geschweißt…) zu werden. Frisch gewaschen und mit allen demontierten Teilen sorgfältig verpackt führte die letzte Fahrt schließlich rückwärts in die Scheune. 78 more words

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Some new hoses

Two hoses needed to be reneved on my car. The first was the hose for the oil pressure gauge. On my car, this was a custom made solution with a nylon hose going from the oil filter to the gauge in the instrument cluster. 154 more words


The coils and their final position

This is what the engine looks like with the coils in their final position, with all the wires connected

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Making new ignition wires

Since I want to use an EDIS-8 igintion, my origional Mercedes-Benz ignition wires does not fit on the EDIS coils. There was several options here. I could go to a scrapyard and try to salvage 8 wires from different Fords, if there was any cars with the correct wires there… 73 more words


Ignition and fuel back on the engine

Sorry for the absence of new posts in june. I had hoped to be able to complete the car early in june, but when I realised that was not possible, I slowed down. 111 more words