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Early Fall Leaves Turning Vine Video

The leaves have been slowly turning color in Spokane. I started seeing yellow, orange and red leaves a few weeks ago. I believe we are now at the peak of fall colors in the region.


How to Answer That Pesky Salary Question

There is always lots of chatter when it comes to answering the question
“What’s your current salary?” This is a well-recognized “weeding out” tool for companies. 198 more words

How to Move Stoves

Clean the stove thoroughly before the move. Grease from the stove can leave difficult to remove stains on anything it touches
Remove all interior racks, moving or removable parts, like burners and knobs, and store them together separately… 20 more words

Jilly Margaret River FIFO Chardonnay 2013

Lean, mean and green and the palate looks very much the same… But it’s not all bad. I love where the intention lies in this wine but I don’t love the wine… Not yet. 50 more words

Getting your home ready for trick-or-treaters

While Halloween isn’t a hugely celebrated holiday in Australia, we still can’t seem to escape the odd trick-or-treater! Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure your home is ready for Halloween this year! 486 more words

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