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#10 Colorful Distraction

I’m an absolute NUT for Washi tape!  Seriously, I have a problem!

So in honor of my obsession, I set up a little still life with a few rolls from the big washi tape vase in my studio.   167 more words

#9 Etegami: Nurture Future Growth

Etegami often offers up gratitude for simple pleasure in life, be it a sweet juicy mango ripe and ready to savor, a lone flower picked from the garden, or a few sprigs of fig ivy in a handmade vase.   228 more words

Vegetarian Dim Sum and Noodles at Wabi-Sabi

I was gonna go to Fariñas Empanada for some Ilocos Miki when I realized that I haven’t eaten at Wabi-Sabi for quite a while. I used to frequent it for pho and ramen. 348 more words


The wabi-sabi aesthetic

An understanding of wabi and sabi are essential to appreciating the Japanese aesthetics that underlie haiku and tanka. I once read a definition that boiled these concepts down to a mere 5 words each: 258 more words


Trailer Graveyard

© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Maybe all those trips are somehow etched in the spirit of these forgotten beauties. Perhaps they share stories, these three companions who thrived in a time gone by. 6 more words


#7 Beauty is Always in Season

Japanese book stores are fabulous places, even if you can’t read Japanese!  My absolute favorite bookstore is the Tsutaya in Daikanyama  — its the equivalent to Disneyland for book lovers!   319 more words