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The cost per square foot of an ugly laundry room

So, projects take a long time to marinate around here. For example, I tore apart the basement bathroom 2 years ago, and only this spring did we admit we couldn’t put it back together again and hire a contractor. 557 more words

Have been considering wabi sabi

One of the best aspects of our global inter-connectedness is the broader sharing of cultural differences. Traditional ‘History of Art’ in the last century had to be prized open and away from the predictable canon of white Western males. 217 more words

Art History


And just where have you been, young lady? Your mother and I have been worried sick about you.

Mea Culpa, Gentle Reader. I have been missing from your computer screen for two weeks now and I am darned sorry about that. 247 more words


Wabi Sabi Chair

This battered emerald-green chair standing near an unfinished wall in my sister in law’s house is lit by a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling directly over it. 60 more words