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Vector Bicycle Process

This project proved to be rather difficult. I felt overwhelmed by the possibilities and my creativity turned easily into distraction. Overall though, I’m content with the end product. 357 more words


Ogre Merchant

Very quick half hour paint today, just working on light shape and tone with this one, had a lot of fun, and really nice just not to plan but just paint and not worry about the strokes

Wacom Announce Anthology Comic 'Pressure/Sensitivity' with Ming Doyle, Giannis Milonogiannis and More

Prepare yourself for the most Caleb Goellner-esque cover you’ve ever seen.

That’d be Ulises Farinas and Ryan Hill at work, for the cover of ‘Pressure/Sensitivity’, a new anthology comic being published by Wacom next year. 143 more words


Prometheus 2:hybrid suit

had the idea David would repair himself and use the engineers bio suites to repair his, sort of retro fit and resize bits to help him and Shaw manage the ship and utilize its tech… 45 more words

Workshop Improvements... and Sponsorship!

Well, we decided to make some improvements to the workshop in terms of hardware, so we outfitted the workshops with new iMac computers!

Windows users do not be alarmed! 160 more words

Fine Art Photography