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Landing Party

messing around building ships tonight, after work .just trying to get stuff away from the norm :) 6 more words


On this day we mourn the loss of my beloved Wacom tablet. I’ve had it for a literal decade, and all things considered it’s a pretty big testament to its craftsmanship that it survived 10 years of nearly daily use. 491 more words


Young Bessie Stringfield

A study of the main character of Tales of The Talented Tenth number two.as a child.

Gone Fishing

Had this idea about this poor guy fishing, keeps hearing all this noise that’s scaring the fish away, but just cant understand where its coming from and see what’s about to land on him .Paint ,render and vfx

A Last Summer

Back to render stuff today, still tying to work out mental ray and materials .Still I got it to render some basic elements I could use in a paint. 6 more words

wacom tablet desk setup

Well, here’s a photo of my desk. It shows where the wacom lives while I’m working on it.

So, the wacom sits below the keyboard with the mouse near by. 9 more words

REVIEWED: Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

Leave your sketchpad at home with this pricey pro-quality stylus for iPads 629 more words