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Goodbye Rachel

Had an idea for this rough tonight, for the opening of bladerunner 2. here we see Deckard on an off world colony and after many years Rachel if found and retired. 31 more words

Sudden Motivation and Frogs in my Lungs

So today I started out kind of sluggish. After taking the first pill in the steroid pack, I managed to clear up my lungs a bit and I became… 507 more words

The last Summer Dream

This is the last in the three, il be putting these up as limited prints to buy soon, along with a few others just to see what happens :) I think this is my fav out of the trio :)


I got my very first Wacom drawing tablet yesterday. I don’t understand how I’ve lived without it for as long as I have.

❤ Christine


The Last Beach

doing this for a trio of prints, im hoping to get this option up on here pretty soon, il keep the runs really short though! keep an eye out! 6 more words