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WADA's Incompetent Approach to Non-Performance Enhancing Drugs

Since the inception of sports, athletes have hunted for a competitive advantage—a technique, a supplement, a training regimen that would tilt the playing field in their favour (so to speak). 813 more words



For years, Pune’s (pronounced as Poo-nay) salubrious climate–thanks to its proximity to the Sahayadri hills–had made it a favored place to retire. Sadly, the wheels of growth have been spinning unrelentingly. 536 more words



WORLD SERIES CLASSICS- In the Beginning: Chicago Cubs-Let’s Play (Win) Two.
After going at each other with unparalleled viciousness for two years, the established National League and the fledgling American League buried the hatchet (they knew where they buried said hatchet). 582 more words

An ASADA settlement: Business as usual or 'not on'?

All stakeholders are presently denying the prospect of a settlement between the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and affected players of Essendon Football Club’s supplements saga. 2,071 more words


How to navigate twists & turns of Essendon v ASADA saga

As we follow the tortuous twists and turns of the litigation brought by Essendon Football Club and James Hird against the Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority (ASASA), it seems that each news bulletin discloses further ‘options’ or paths the protagonists might pursue. 3,269 more words


Botswana's Amantle Montsho Disqualified Following Violation Of CGF's Anti-Doping Standard

The Commonwealth Games Federation court has determined that Botswanan athlete, Amantle Montsho, has committed an anti-doping rule violation and has disqualified her from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. 149 more words


Some answers but more questions: James Hird’s affidavit in Essendon v ASADA litigation

As discussed previously, cross-examination only provides half the picture. Cross-examination enables the evidence relied on by a witness to be tested. In civil cases, that evidence is usually provided in affidavit form. 1,601 more words