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Can't Cope, Don't Dope- Review of v.2 of WADA's proposed 2015 Anti-Doping Code

By Shwetambara Mani and Shibumi Raje



The World Anti-Doping Code (the “Code”) drafted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) is the core document that provides the framework globally for anti-doping policies, rules and regulations within sport organizations and among public authorities. 2,194 more words

Sports Integrity

Sentence Construction - Recent case on doping bans

By Roshan Gopalakrishna

Case review: United States Olympic Committee v. International Olympic Committee (CAS 2011/O/2422)


On October 6 2011, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (‘CAS’) held that the International Olympic Committee (‘IOC’) rule prohibiting athletes suspended for more than six months for doping related violations from participating in the next Olympic Games following the expiration of their suspension was invalid and unenforceable. 1,427 more words

Sports Dispute Resolution

Regulating Doping in Sport

By Vidya Narayanaswamy


The regulation of doping is not a new concept in the area of sports law. However, this area of sporting regulation also has to evolve to keep pace with changes such as technology advances. 1,719 more words

Sports Regulation



(North Indian Style Dahi Wada)

In the sweltering heat of the Indian summers, what better food to have than the ‘thanda thanda’ cool cool Dahi Bhalle! 285 more words

Vegas, We Have a Problem!

Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Up until a few weeks or so ago, I was as excited as anyone about the Timothy Bradley/Manny Pacquiao rematch. However, I am now deeply concerned about the drug testing situation for this fight. 1,485 more words

Professional Boxing

Finding the mutants among us!

No, not those, those are the cool mutants!

NO, these are even cooler. We alllll like them, we do. 

We want to find the genetically “altered”, the genetically doped, the CHEATERS!  372 more words

Wada, chicken soupwallas helping Congress: Shiv Sena mouthpiece

Wada, chicken soupwallas helping Congress: Shiv Sena mouthpiece