By the Time They Get here from Phoenix, I'll be Blogging

Recently, I came across the blog, It’s Like Having my own Card Shop, that focuses on the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I contacted Daniel and told him that I had a stack of D-Backs that I wanted to send his way.  343 more words

Red Sox

Rarefied air

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait long for greatness.

After a cup of coffee in 2011, Mike Trout began the next season in Triple-A, where he dominated the competition. 1,097 more words


It Is Time For The MLB To Eliminate Defensive Shifts + Why I Won't Use Sabermetrics In My Posts

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I am all for a good game of chess on the baseball field, but when one wonders how come games are 4 hours, you have to add defensive shifts into the mix. 1,045 more words

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Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

On this day in 1986 you made the most famous error in baseball history.  Although many 1st baseman prior to you have seen ground balls accidentally roll through their legs, none was on a bigger stage than your error in game 6 of the 1986 World Series. 136 more words

World Series