The New York Yankees from the 1990s vs. the Atlanta Braves of the 1990s: Which Organization Produced More Hall of Famers?

The 1990s were primarily dominated by two teams, the Atlanta Braves in the National League and the New York Yankees in the American League. The teams faced off against each other head to head in the World Series in 1996 and 2000, both resulting in Yankees victories. 545 more words

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Top 100 MLB Players of All Time: 100-91

100.  Edgar Martinez

Should Edgar Martinez be in the Hall of Fame? For that matter, should a Designated Hitter be in the Hall of Fame? The first question is harder to answer than the second, so we will answer the second question first. 2,417 more words

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O'Neill finds deserving spot in Monument Park

Chants of “Paul O-Neill” returned to Yankee Stadium Saturday as the popular right fielder dubbed “The Warrior” by the late George Steinbrenner was honored on the field before the game to mark the dedication of a plaque that will hang in Monument Park, the 29th in that special gallery. 754 more words

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Devil Rays third baseman Wade Boggs collected his 3,000th hit on August 7, 1999 with a home run in the sixth inning off Indians pitcher Chris Haney.  26 more words


Topps Signature Series- Julio Teheran

Topps Bunt released the latest addition of the Signature Series checklist: Julio Teheran.

The Teheran auto will be limited to 400, and comes with a cool 2,500 coins for pulling the card. 18 more words


Topps Signature Series- Boggs and Cabrera Bonus Release Info

Topps Bunt announced that the Signature Series bonus cards would be awarded tonight.

At 10:00 PM ET, the Wade Boggs Legend Signature card will be awarded to those who have collected signature inserts #11-20. 195 more words


7 Athletes Who Have Bizarre And Unusual Superstitions

We all know athletes have a ritual, routine, tradition or whatever you want to call it leading up to games. Some do the same thing everyday, some have a certain ritual they have to follow to a T on game days. 445 more words