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When travelling through the US (especially the South), I always want to go to Waffle House. I love their breakfast and of course their waffles. Simple, but you know what you are gonna get!

Other Highlights From My Six Months As A Perkins Bus Boy

…In addition to fishing unused jelly packets out of the trash to rinse off and put back on the dining room tables (previously referenced in… 349 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Fry Left in the Bag #1: "Pretty"

The following is a poem that didn’t make the No Fries compilation. Entitled Pretty, it was inspired in part by frequent visits to a restaurant near my apartment in college. 189 more words


Waffle House roots for Pancake

Brooke Pancake, a former All-American golfer at Alabama, has a new sponsor: The Waffle House.

The rumors are true! Pancake at Waffle House! @BrookePancake pic.twitter.com/n9U8rdCDwo…

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Golfer Brooke Pancake signs endorsement deal with Waffle House

In a move that can only be taken as a shot across the bow of the International House of Pancakes, restaurant chain Waffle House has signed LPGA pro Brooke Pancake to an endorsement deal. 70 more words


Thank you, Charles

(Day 15 of 365)

We used to have potato chips delivered directly to our home, and they were the best chips in the world. Every couple of weeks, the… 682 more words


Slimming down the Waffle House Fiesta Omelette

You can usually find lower calorie options on the menu of your favorite restaurant.

Here is one of our favorite low-calorie dishes to order at Waffle House. 145 more words

Counting Calories