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Could the answer to our cooking woes be....the Waffle Iron?

What the Wafalafel?

Tan may have found the key to cooking. (Well, our “version” of cooking, anyway)

The Waffle Iron.

Yes, you read that correctly. 49 more words

Foodie Moms Who Can't Cook

November's Adventure-A-Day: Day 13


That’s right, a waffled falafel. I just discovered it….all over the internet. Actually, there’s a whole website (and now a book) about foods you can waffle. 384 more words


Recipe: Homemade Guacamole with Parsley Tostadas

Watch the recipe for Authentic Guacamole here and for Basic Tortillas here

Eat Good, Feel Good!

*I was playing with my waffle iron and came up with the idea of making tortillas with it and turned them into tostadas without frying them ;) 314 more words

Recipes For Healthier Eating

The Waffle Review

A view weeks ago I bought a waffle iron. I never made waffels before so that was the first time I tried them.
I wasn´t quit sure if it really works and the waffels would look like the picture ontop of the box of the waffle iron. 141 more words

Hello There World!

Make Hashbrowns with a Waffle Iron or Grill

Shredded or mashed potato, seasoned as you like.  If I’m using sweet potatoes, I have to use cinnamon…

Depending on your waffle/grill, coat with a non-stick spray if necessary.  29 more words

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