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The Waffle House

Where I live, in Norwich, there are plenty of photogenic little coffee shops and restaurants if you know where to look. This one is a tad different… Today I’m going to show you the Waffle House! 118 more words


Caked up side the head...

The engine is slowly coughing and spluttering back into life, but it’s been far from a productive week again. The little bit of summer we’ve had has been quite sapping, largely because it’s been so bloody humid at times you can barely do anything. 932 more words

Stuff I've Recently Seen in Stores

Last week I was doing some shopping when I came across some interesting items that I took photos of with my smartphone camera. First up, I was browsing around Michaels Arts & Crafts when I saw a rack devoted to stuffed animals that resembled two popular Internet celebrities: Boo and Grumpy Cat. 140 more words


Main Streets Cafe - Concord, MA

Main Streets Cafe

We went here with my friend Julia who has managed to be her on undoing because she is so hard core that the only person worthy of being her nemesis is herself.   343 more words


Waffle #3 - Tech Nostalgia

Whilst rummaging through my drawers looking for the external hard drive that I needed to back up my Mac, I came across my old Game Boy Color. 344 more words


Mildred Pierce (1945 and 2011)

Mildred Pierce (1941 book, 1945 Michael Curtiz film, and 2011 Todd Haynes TV miniseries) is currently occupying my thoughts and my tastebuds. In all of three versions of the story, food – namely fried chicken, waffles and pies – is central to plot and characterisation. 2,396 more words


The We're moving Waffle!

Well, me and Sammy have found a new place to live. Our 1 bed flat in the city center has done us proud (even with the first few months having a mouse problem). 444 more words