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Kessel Run I: My first house con!

I organised a small RPG House Con! I say small, but our house was about ready to burst with four games running at the same time. 994 more words


A proper Sabie gallery

Lone creek falls, it’s amazing the first time you see it. It’s amazing the umpteenth time you see it and then by some chance you realise that you’re not the target market for this whole… 87 more words


There's an Apocalypse World hack for Legend of the Five Rings!

Oh my god, you guys, this is like Amanda Palmer marrying Neil Gaiman all over again – or any other experience where two of the people you like get together and start having sweet, sweet hook-ups. 120 more words


End of a long day

Yup, getting up at 5.30am certainly goes against the grain! It could be worse, though – if it was dark and cold, it would be a lot harder. 592 more words

Daily Life

Random thoughts

  • The shower gel I was using when I first drove to my ex-bae’s place three years ago was Sanex Dermo active. The scent of it is connected to some of my favourite memories.
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A long evening!

Wow, that last post took a long time to write and organise. I wanted to get photos of the different stages of the project. My WordPress app always puts the uploaded photo at the bottom of the page and I have to cut and paste to get it where I want it. 139 more words


Yet more barefoot sandals

These are ready and mounted on their little paper feet for sale. I really like the child’s ones at the bottom with the row of orange buttons, but all of them are lovely (I hope people agree because I want them to sell)! 25 more words