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Monday Morning Question: Waffling?

Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope your weekend went well, much of mine was spent out in the chicken coop trying to swipe baby birds from their pissed off protective mom to cuddle.   243 more words


Improv Musings, Vol. 3: Make Bold Offers!

This post marks the third in a series of three-person explorations into the life wisdom found through improvisational theatre. You can find the first two here: … 1,759 more words

Weekend Waffle

To “waffle” is to speak or write at length in a vague or trivial manner. 359 more words

Beautiful Outside

Just having a waffle.

One of these days, I will learn to write well ahead of time. But it seems, today is not one of these days. I am not sure what caused, actually I am quite sure what caused it but I will not bore you with the details about my mundane real life tonight. 1,788 more words


This Is What Famous Landmarks Would Look Like After A Global Disaster

Everyone get yer splats out! There’s some tasty, tasty apocalypse hiding in these pictures.

You’ve seen lots of post-apocalyptic worlds — but how would some of the most famous places on Earth look after everything fell apart?

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Well, it turns out that I’m a old and I’m not as comfortable with sharing as I once was. I want my private thoughts to stay confined in my brain matter. 259 more words


Kessel Run I: My first house con!

I organised a small RPG House Con! I say small, but our house was about ready to burst with four games running at the same time. 994 more words