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An Update...

I started this blog as a diary of my progress towards what was to be my first ultra running event - Endure 24 – in June this year.   281 more words


Withdrawals! !

I’m itching to do a proper blog update, but I need to do some preparation and planning, and a smidge of forewarning! (The latter is for you all if anyone sees me in their feeds!!) 989 more words


Anon: What do you think of the status quo?

Mitch: It depends on which status quo you’re talking about.

A: The social standing of people. 29 more words

The Waffling Continues

Anon: Aren’t you a bit concerned that this is becoming your life?

Mitch: Talking to you, you mean?

A: Yeah.

M: Isn’t that what you want? 392 more words


Anon: What now, kiddo?

Mitch: Well, you’re nicer on here than in real life.

A: Yeah what’s that all about?

M: I have no idea, you tell me. 537 more words

Over a week later...

I’m sorry for the silence. I am playing on my iPad tonight while I knit and have been updating Scrabble games and scrolling through Ravelry forums and was wondering what to do next when I spotted the WordPress icon. 338 more words


It's been a while...

It’s not you it’s me….

For one reason or another I haven’t been able to make a post in recent weeks. The reason being I was falsely sold a University course that was advertised as a beautiful steak, but ended up more like an old tampon…ew. 448 more words