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Kamakuragoro Hangetsu Matcha - 鎌倉五郎 半月 抹茶風味

I don’t often get the chance to venture down south of chilly Hokkaido but luckily I have a jet-setting group of acquaintances who are constantly hopping across the sea to Japan’s main island of Honshuu, and usually don’t return empty-handed. 368 more words


Wagashi Wednesday

This week’s featured wagashi is a Matcha Dorayaki, or Maple Leaf Pancake, from Umai-do in Seattle. The outside of this treat is a light, airy cake made of cake flour, eggs, sugar and matcha (which adds a slight greenish tinge to the color) with a soft, slightly spongy texture. 48 more words


Think Spring! Wagashi Wednesday

This week’s wagashi is beautifully crafted by Tokara Confectionery in Seattle. Representing a fresh spring blossom, delicate lavender colored agar agar cubes surround a center of creamy white bean paste.   17 more words


Hazelnut Butter Mochi

Like many mochi lovers, every now and then I have to get my mochi fix in. After posting about MochiCream over the weekend, the urge to make some of these… 595 more words


MATCHA at NOON with Hana-beera rice cake sweets and dried persimmons

MATCHA at NOON with Hana-beera rice cake sweets and dried persimmons on Wave Ai cotton placemat

On the way home, I noticed the Hana-beera rice cake sweets they sell at the Japanese traditional sweets shop. 382 more words


Curious Bites: Wagashi (Minamoto Kitchoan)

I am adding a new feature to my blog called Curious Bites. It will be a regular blog post with a video option showing me sampling various types of foods from around the globe including the US. 345 more words

Wagashi Wednesday -- January 7

This week’s featured wagashi is a scrumptious strawberry blanketed in white mochi.  We found it at Umai-do, a small shop that resides on the edge of Seattle’s International District….or I should say,  265 more words