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Swift CAGradientLayer not working?

When testing in PlayGround, it worked, but however in the viewDidLoad method of my View Controller, it does not display.

The frame of self.view is 0, 0, 480, 320, so what am I doing wrong? 54 more words


Matsue Castle Grand Tea Ceremony--as seen by a guest!

Although there will be special tea ceremonies in the Matsue History Museum on Sundays until November 2, the main Matsue Castle Grand Tea Ceremony 2014… 791 more words

Buri-chan Anecdotes

Grand Tea Ceremony, Part 4

I’ve served in an all-day tea event before at Ichibata Yakushi Temple by carrying the tea and sweets (o-hakobi), but the Matsue Castle Grand Tea Ceremony… 464 more words

Buri-chan Anecdotes

Wagashi- Ichigo Daifuku

Ichigo daifuku, literally translating to ‘strawberry great luck,’ is a variation of the traditional Japanese confectionery called Daifukumochi. 

The sweet consists of three parts; a strawberry encased within a layer of sweet red bean paste, all wrapped in a layer of white mochi. 562 more words


Japanese sweets and giant robots combine in a new anime series intriguing the Internet

If you’ve ever been to Kyoto, then you may know that the city’s food culture includes a rich history of traditional Japanese sweets, known as… 345 more words


Ichigo Daifuku

I’ve always been fascinated by wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery. Wagashi is usually very sweet and served to complement bitter matcha tea. There are different types of wagashi and the themes for wagashi tend to change according to the seasons. 1,339 more words

xcode6 (Swift and SpriteKit) change background colour of SKEmitterNode

I have checked reference library, but could not find any function or property for changing background colour of SKEmitterNode.



I used default spark.png as SKTexture for this particle node. 13 more words