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The Basic Income

The call for a Basic Income is both old and mounting. Success of the scheme is dependent on funding. If it’s some sort of National Dividend, sharing the bounty of the Commons, it’s necessary. 1,697 more words


Steward of the House

There are a variety of ways a partnership can have friction about money. I’m not going to talk about all of them, and especially not all of the solutions, though judgment free communication about individual and shared priorities will typically allow any couple to work through the problem. 474 more words

Building Your Hoard

"I swallowed a moon made of iron". Xu Lizhi, Worker, Poet.

I swallowed a moon made of iron
They refer to it as a nail
I swallowed this industrial sewage, these unemployment documents… 1,399 more words

Art & Culture

Richard D. Wolff: Capitalism's Stunning Contradiction, Part 1

Dandelion Salad

with Richard D. Wolff

TheRealNews on Nov 10, 2014

Richard Wolff says every capitalist tries to systematically reduce wages, then can’t sell what those wage workers have produced.

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