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Debt Bondage, Payday loans and modern day slavery

During my childhood I was given an insight to social stigmas and problems from a very early age, things I do believe shaped and made me the fighter I am today. 1,272 more words

How to Live a Happy Life Outside Globalization

How to live a happy life outside Globalization

Admittedly I have not achieved this goal in full, but as a professor, journalist, artist, musician and poet, I try to put on a good show that educates, entertains, and thrives while contributing as little as possible to the profit-lords that control the lives of so many, for the benefit of themselves only. 1,515 more words


Cannabis Therapy Institute ACTION ALERT: Letter to CDPHE and General Assembly

Please copy and repost this announcement

ACTION ALERT: Letter to CDPHE and General Assembly

April 4, 2014

CTI just received a great letter below, from a 70+ year old patient who… 1,228 more words

Join the Fight for $15!

That’s Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. What a scumbag! Join the campaign for $15 an hour. Get involved and donate at 15now.org. Act now and soothe your conscience!

Class War

Revelation Prophecies related to France. video and text


Author Jerry Warrington answers a question to scholarly friends: 

Do you think we are close to being at the same “welfare state” as Europe?  505 more words

the Soul at Work

The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy

Franco “Bifo” Berardi, p 82


Bob Dylan; 12 Years a Slave; THIS IS IT Copyright Doug Stuber, 2014

First, let’s all Thank Misters Zinn, Chomsky, Nader, Blum and the folks at Nation of Change, especially the lifelong work of Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges. 1,427 more words

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