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Berries and Train Tracks in Modern Times

Punctured tires while crossing the tracks on the way to work. 

Work is a slice atcha. Cranberries were eaten beneath the overhang on the front of the shop because strawberries are out of season. 175 more words

Let's play Master and Servant

“An MBA and 50 cents will get you a bus ride home.”

The only thing false about this is that bus tickets have gotten more expensive. 168 more words



Scott Sorensen (the inaugural subject of LRM’s “Profiles In Resistance”) posted this picture he took today of a woman wearing a rather interesting shirt:

It says “ 364 more words

Wealth Transfer

Fascism defined

“When big business and big government work together for the benefit of big business and big government,” paraphrase of original quote by Benito Mussolini. A further definition might be “all governments who participate in globalized free trade to the detriment of human and natural resources so that large corporations can prosper. 50 more words