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The Meat and Wine Co - Southbank

The Meat and Wine Co.

My girlfriend is a terrible creature of habit; she loves certain things, and is particularly fond of the steak at the Meat and Wine Co. 384 more words


The Noble Experiment - Collingwood

The Noble Experiment

(First off, an apology on the photo quality on some, new camera lens)

I went to the Noble Experiment with intrigue and excitement. 458 more words


Umami Burger review

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but there is a connection between the words Umami and Chutspah. Umami – borrowed from Japanese – has to do with the perceived fifth “savory” taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter, and Chutspah is Yiddish for gall, guts, courage, fortitude, determination and a touch of arrogance. 394 more words

New York Restaurants

678 Korean BBQ

There’s only a few things i like about Winter and i have to admit that it’s mostly food related. Winter is the season where i dread having to get out of bed but in return, we get some of the best seafood (fatty tuna) and truffles around this time. 776 more words


Steer - South Yarra

South Yarra

I went in thinking I’d order the 450g David Blackmore Delmonico, but it was too thin for my liking and I went back to the drawing board. 351 more words


Rockpool Bar and Grill - Southbank

Rockpool Bar and Grill

Rockpool has been high on my steak list from the beginning.

I’ve been before but never made it past the delicious burger. 360 more words


How to Distinguish Japanese 'Wagyu' Beef at Grocery Stores and Restautrants - Kobe Beef is Not Everything

In Japan, popular meat are chicken, pork and beef. Occasionally, duck, mutton and veal are served. In specific areas, sometimes the meat of wild boar, horse, goat, bear, rabbit and venison are consumed. 558 more words

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