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EAT: House of the Rising Bun

“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye” Miyamoto Musashi

I’m a menu reader. If you ever have the pleasure of dining out with me you will find that I read each and every item on the menu. 504 more words


Wagyu Beef

Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, Mishima beef.  These are the better-known types of wagyu beef, or simply Japanese beef.  Japanese beef known for its marbling and high fat content.  183 more words


Hokkaido in Winter

The northern most island in the Japanese island chain, Hokkaido is also the largest island and is largely undeveloped compared to the other islands. More well known for its beautiful scenery and ski resorts, as well as, the source of Sapporo beer, Hokkaido is still not as popular a destination as the rest of Japan for tourists. 1,258 more words

Beyond The Dot

京懐石 美濃吉, Kyoto, Japan

Since I don’t know where we would be around dinner hours, I didn’t bother making restaurant reservations.  Restaurants at the department stores are usually a safe bet especially when with kids. 44 more words

Eat Out

IZY Dining and Bar

Once in awhile, D and I have “surprise” dinners, which basically involves me trying my best to guess where we’re going, and him taking great pleasure in keeping me in the dark till the last possible second. 490 more words


Diners' Delight - A trip to Oishii Japan 2014

Food is awesome – that’s a pretty universally accepted fact.

Japan is also awesome – which is yet another point many of us would agree on. 288 more words


OK, Kobe

This weekend I decided to give into the Kobe beef hype and try out a new spot that maintains a good reputation by its locals. 213 more words