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#nigerianteens Trying To Go To A Party (2)

Plan A was pretty simple and straightforward. Do chores for a week, then ask politely. Looks pretty easy huh? Well not in my house. 978 more words

#nigerianteens Trying To Go To A Party

I was so fed up with the way things were being run in my family. I’d just about had it. My house was like a prison cell and it was terrible. 518 more words

A RAT!!!

Dear Diary,
    On Sunday I trapped a tiny rat that had been bugging my life for days in a bucket by leaving food in the bucket. 317 more words


On Being Caught in the Middle of a Mob Fight

Dear Diary,

        I was at Orile on Wednesday. As I got there, a young thug started beating a young lady up, and she was not having it. 163 more words