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Saudi Wahhabism in American Media

(Click here for article) Saudi Wahhabism in American Media

Saudi Wahhabism in American Media: Sinister Spread or Fearful Fantasy.”  Drake Undergraduate Social Science Journal  (2011).  Online Publication

Islam In America

The Middle East Masquerade Party - Breaking Israel News

Everyone wears a mask at the Middle East party and some are replaced whenever it serves the wearers’ interests.

A masquerade party is a social event in which participants’ faces are covered, allowing them to say and do all the things they would either be ashamed or afraid to say if they could be identified. 1,867 more words


Hajj and Islam

Tomorrow (5th October 2014) is Eid-al-Adha in the Islamic calendar. It can be translated as Festival or Feast of Sacrifice and is simultaneously a commemoration of Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice Ismail (Ishmael) when commanded by God (the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Jewish/Christian traditions) as well as the ending of… 1,103 more words

Studies Of Religion

Islamic State. Worker's State. Business State.

How to build a just and functional society is a fairly common ideal that rightfully animates many minds.

Unfortunately, some people are certain that they have it all figured out. 322 more words



Our western progressives are slightly more cunning than Basil Fawlty. Not a high bar you will agree, but an important one – it enables them to rewrite reality. 971 more words

Exposing the (so-called) ISIS Movement



The core ideology of the so-called ISIS is that of Wahhabism (quasi-salafism).   This ideology is NOT from Sunni Islam, but from a character named Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahhab, who died about 200 years ago.   486 more words


Quasi-ISIS Movement: A Brief Refutation

A Brief Refutation of the so-called ISIS Movement

I got this from a Brother I know:

“An important reference concerning ISIS and their misguidance. Please share. 345 more words