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Exposing the (so-called) ISIS Movement



The core ideology of the so-called ISIS is that of Wahhabism (quasi-salafism).   This ideology is NOT from Sunni Islam, but from a character named Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahhab, who died about 200 years ago.   486 more words


Quasi-ISIS Movement: A Brief Refutation

A Brief Refutation of the so-called ISIS Movement

I got this from a Brother I know:

“An important reference concerning ISIS and their misguidance. Please share. 345 more words



That’s what some have called them.

“Too radical for Al’Quida” they’ve also been called…not a ringing endorsement for a world power wannabe to be sure. 769 more words

Current Events

Busting the Media’s ISIS Myths

by Daniel Greenfield
August 14, 2014

Know your enemy. To know what ISIS is, we have to clear away the media myths about ISIS. 548 more words

Israel & Middle East

ISIS a Zionist Franchise

It is no secret that Israeli intellectuals have been articulating a need to balkanize their Arab neighbor states for decades.  In a neocon created position paper for incoming Prime Minister Netanyahu in 1996, they clearly stated a need to “Roll back Syria”, and to “Remove Saddam Hussein from power”. 171 more words

ISIS Series Part 3 of 5: History of ISIS

Twenty years of life have passed me by, and I don’t remember there ever being a time where conflict in the Middle East wasn’t part of the news. 923 more words



Mujassima? Does Allah have hands and feet?

The Quran verses and hadiths mention them, but they are not similar to human’s or any other of His creation’s hand or feet  nor anything else. 1,844 more words

01.1 - Clarification & Deviances In 'Aqeedah