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Money flows that might prevent new World Wars

Veteran U.S. diplomat and Middle East expert Dennis Ross made some interesting points about President Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia in an L.A. Times editorial: “ 942 more words


Saudi Arabia is Origin of Chaos in Meddle Easte

Syria,Iraq.Afghanistan,Pakistan and Egypt.as a few years ago to now one day there was not a day that people were n,t listen a bad  news from this Countries every day Killing innocent and Civilian people bye Terrorists a  explosions. 253 more words

Saudi Arabia

Kehilangan Segalanya

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Taher Siddiqui



Assalam Alaikum.

Saya berusaha menghindari bisikan kufrya yang datang pada diri saya selama 24/7 tetpi gagal.  Sejak 2 tahun yang lalu saya mengambil bay’at online tetapi saya melanggarnya, dan tidak melakukan wirid harian.  206 more words

Sufisme (Tasawwuf)

Muhammed Ibin 'Abd al-Wahhab in the Sight of the Ulama' of Deoband


Shaikh Muhammad b. ‘Abdul Wahhāb b. Sulaymān at-Tamīmī an-Najdī (1703 CE – 1792 CE/1115 H – 1206 H) was the eponymous founder of a revivalist movement from Arabia. 2,258 more words

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What distinguishes Hezbollah from Salafis/Al Qaeda

“Any action that serves sectarian sedition serves takfiri goals,” Nasrallah said. “Takfiris want us to target our Sunni brothers, but this won’t happen.”


Vehabije veruju da se Sunce okrece oko Zemlje

Fetwa Wahabi Sheika Ibn Uthaimeena da se Sunce okrece oko Zemlje.

Pitanje: Koje je znacenje Njegovog govora Svemoguceg: “Ti vidiš planine i misliš da su nepomične, a one promiču kao što promiču oblaci – to je Allahovo delo koji je sve savršeno stvorio; On, doista, zna ono što radite.” 261 more words


The Friends Who Aren't

Saudi Arabia

Current United States foreign policy spends alot of time supporting countries who actively work towards subverting our goals world wide.  Saudi Arabia is one of those countries.   503 more words

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