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Ways we benefit from mother owned home-based businesses

I have had the best experiences with mothers who own their own businesses and run the show in their home.

There’s something about a woman that starts her own business in order to pursue her dreams instead of climbing the corporate ladder. 334 more words

Perfectly Posh Starter Kit Deal

Every once in a while the people at Home Office for Perfectly Posh just blow me away with a new amazing deal! Today there was an announcement that there is a… 197 more words

Conundrums of the working mother

“Every mother is a working mother” the adage goes. And this is true – I’m not disputing that.

But I am learning that negotiating a full-time job outside the home while balancing your responsibilities as a mom the rest of the time is a hellacious proposition. 568 more words

Christmas Feel

Holiday Cheer…

It’s past the hour of 1 in the morning and I am still wide awake. So instead of staring blankly in the dark I decided to grab my mobile phone and started typing down bits and pieces of thoughts from my overworked brain. 291 more words


How to Find an Online Job

When my husband and I met four years ago, I was an independent lady who had her own rules, spent all her money on clothes and vacations and lived for the next payday. 855 more words

Guilt Complex issue 1: Mum Life

I decided to make a zine out of some recent illustrations to do with motherhood. It’s pretty awesome. I got it printed, and I hand bound each copy. 22 more words


Perfectly Posh Pampering

We are all looking for a little time for ourselves. Everyone needs to sit back, relax and get some posh pampering every once in a while. 371 more words